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On the eve of its 135th anniversary, Birks celebrated a new chapter. We visited Maison Birks, at Quartier DIX30 in Montreal, one of the first two new Birks mono-brand boutiques (the other is in the Mapleview shopping centre in Burlington, Ontario), and had the opportunity to speak with President and CEO, Jean-Christophe Bédos. The enchanting ambiance was warm and welcoming as we got to explore, rediscover and reconnect with the Birks name in all its purity. The jewellery collections were as impressive as we have come to expect from the Birks name and rich heritage. The modern feel of the store, the new Birks diamond-shaped logo and, of course, the presence the signature blue box exuded confidence and pride—Canada’s premier luxury brand is indeed the perfect place to start your happily ever after. Throughout the centuries lovers have presented gifts with special messages to express their devotion. Precious stones were selected for their energy, symbolism and promise of everlasting love.

Likewise, today as couples celebrate a new chapter in their lives, they seek meaningful tokens that will best represent their own love story. And this story begins with the quest for a perfect ring that announces the promise of forever. We explored the many collections and were mesmerized with the styles and uncompromising quality. The bridal collection, with names such as the Birks 1879, Amorique, Square Phillip and Blue Canadian Diamonds was as alluring as the name implies. For example, a closer look at the Square Philip design revealed an intricate setting reminiscent of the landmark location of the flagship store. What a beautiful way to create a personal connection with history and sentiment.

Your ring should tell your story. Birks Pure Canadian diamonds are sustainably mined and conflict-free and most of all they are completely traceable. From its rough crystal state to the polished stone you will wear on your ring finger, you can trace its entire journey. Love, trust and tradition fuse into every unique gem. “Each diamond carries a guarantee of traceability to the mine,” said Jean-Christophe Bédos. And that makes all the difference. “We have something unique. We are a diamond producing country,” he said. Choosing a Canadian diamond is the perfect way to start your happily ever after.

We were grateful for the opportunity to learn more about wedding jewels. There was so much to see, we even discussed wedding bands and got a chance to try the acredo system which allows you to personalize the style of your bands; you can add or subtract stones, choose your favourite gold tone or even add an engraved message—yet another way to personalize your wedding. Pearls, diamonds, silver, gold and so much more, Birks had everything for the bride, the groom and the entire wedding party.


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