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Le fotobooth Montreals best photo booth


Every bride deserves to have a fairytale wedding

The Sleeping Beauty inspired wedding gown is a fairy tale come true.

A Soft & Romantic Wedding Palette

Wedding flowers are fragile and soft and have been likened to this delicate palette

7 Wedding Gown Trends You Can Expect This 2022

Whether you’re planning to take the plunge this year or next year, it’s best to know what wedding gown trends to expect in 2022

Bridesmaid Dresses for 2022

Cicinia is a growing brand rooted in stylish bridesmaid dresses.

Woodland Wedding Inspiration

For the reception decor, the bare table and cross-back chairs gave a rustic touch to all the candles, moss, and succulents.

You’ll Say “Oui” To This Provence Wedding Inspiration

France is listed among the world’s most popular destinations, with so many diverse landscapes and artistic treasures to discover.