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Le fotobooth Montreals best photo booth


Choose one of their rings or customize your own with Philippe & Co.

Explore gorgeous wedding rings at Philippe & Co. If you and your partner are close to taking the plunge, your search for the right sparkler has already begun. To ensure your real-life shopping experience is second to none, Montreal-based jeweller Philippe & Co. is prepared to shower you with a stunning array of engagement rings and wedding bands. Here [...]

An equestrian wedding theme embodies romance, beauty, strength and good fortune.

Turn heads as you make your grand entrance even more stunning atop a gorgeous horse.

Royal blue and gold wedding the perfect jewel tones

With deep hues and bold contrasts, this styled shoot takes us into a mystical world of timeless elegance.

Aurélia Hoang Wedding Gown Designer

Aurelia Hoang wedding dresses are created with style. The original wedding dresses install a relaxed attitude while being unique for each bride.

A beautiful fusion of elegance and romance

The gorgeous florals, along with accents of taupe and gold, high and low centerpieces, and a room full of candlelight created the romantic wedding


This style shoot is extremely delicate and light