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We couldn’t have said it better than Bonnallie Brodeur Photographes when it comes to this rainy wedding shoot of Sarah and Albert in Montreal. Come rain or shine, your wedding day should be treasured – take it all in and celebrate, no matter how the weather turns out!

“Sarah likes Montreal. Albert loves Montreal. But these two love each other more than they love their city. We had the opportunity to follow them on this colourful day. Although Mother Nature wasn’t exactly on our side, we were blessed with emotionally intense pictures, sparkles in Albert’s eyes and pure joy in Sarah’s smile. Since weather is something that is totally out of our hands, if Mother Nature doesn’t grant you the sun’s warm rays on your big day, you shouldn’t let the dark clouds ruin this once-in-a-lifetime moment!”

“Take advantage of this weather to pose under an oversized umbrella, to wear your colourful rubber boots, to splash one another, to laugh in the rain or to tickle clouds! The memories that will come out of all this will forever remind you of the happiness you felt that day. The memories that still make us laugh years later are usually our most precious ones. Take full advantage of this day inspite the weather is exactly what Sarah and Albert did. These two were too busy jumping, laughing, hugging, and loving each other to worry about the sun. After all, they were right. Who needed the sun? These two were glowing perfectly together.” – Bonnallie Brodeur Photographes


Photography: Bonnallie Brodeur Photographes | Wedding Venue: Entrepôts Dominion | Wedding Planner: Emmanuel Goubard | Décor/Linens: Emmanuel Goubard | Rentals: Emmanuel Goubard | Florist: Sylvie Huntin | Wedding Cake: Parreira | Entertainment: Classe 3, Alexandre