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Tips for dry cleaning a carpet in your new home

carpet cleaning tips
tips to cleaning your carpet

Before buying a rug, you should think about how to carry out the carpet cleaning process. Although people often use conventional methods, often the most sensible thing to do is to resort to dry cleaning. Regular carpet care involves simply vacuuming your carpet. However, cleaning a thick and heavy one turns out to be a tedious task. There are several methods of carpet cleaning, such as shampooing and hot water extraction.

However, if it is moderately dirty, it is also possible to use a dry method. It is a fairly simple process and you can do it at home without any problem. For this reason, in the following article you will learn what this procedure involves and how to do it.

tips on cleaning your carpet
tips on cleaning your carpet

What does dry carpet cleaning entail?

Not all rugs can be cleaned using the traditional soap and water cleaning system. This is because, especially those that are much heavier, they tend to increase their weight when they get wet, making it impossible to rinse them. Also, being wet for a long time will promote mold growth underneath. Shampooing and removing water are not always safe solutions.

For these kinds of situations, dry cleaning is the best option.

How to perform dry carpet cleaning?

One of the common dry cleaning methods is the hood, which works perfectly for quick cleanings. Before carrying it out, you should vacuum the affected area. This will help remove loose debris. Focus more on the areas that are used the most. For example, if it is a carpet that covers the entire floor, guide your attention to the parts that lead to the door or places with the highest traffic. After this, combine a cleaning product with carbonated water and lightly spray the mixture on the dirty carpet. Focus on the most stained parts.

Finally, use a round polisher to rotary scrub the material. The cleaning solution and carbonation will work together to remove dirt particles. For best results, create a cleaning schedule and remember to be consistent with the procedure.

tips on cleaning your carpet

Dry powder method

You can also use dry powder mixed with a carpet cleaning solution. Simply spread the mixture over the dirty spot and use a roller brush to scrub the area. Finally, vacuum the dust and you will have a clean carpet. The main advantage of this method is that no drying time is required. However, you need to be consistent in cleaning for best results.

Encapsulation method

This is a relatively new concept in dry carpet cleaning and involves a system that uses a cleaning agent and a crystallizing agent. All you have to do is spray the mixture on the dirt, and soon the dirt particles will be encapsulated until dry and vacuumed up. Encapsulation makes the carpet stay cleaner longer. However, in the case of grease stains, it is necessary to vacuum the affected area before using this method. Consider using a good quality product.

Dry foam method

Another way to clean the carpet is to use dry foam. All you have to do is sprinkle the foam on all the dirty spots and let it sit for about 30 minutes. Later, vacuum the carpet. With this procedure you don’t have to worry about residue remaining. Also, no rinsing is necessary and the substance tends to cover large areas without a problem. Still, proper scrubbing is necessary for proper cleaning.

Compound dry cleaning method

Dirty carpets can also be dry cleaned with a cleaning compound whose consistency resembles wet sawdust and gives off a strong citrus odor. Brush the product over dirty material to help it stick to the dirt. Finally, vacuum up the dirt and dry mix and you will have a completely clean carpet.

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