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Elegant Bridal Bouquets Modelled by Grooms

The Bridal Bouquet

Since the beginning of time, bridal bouquets have been a noteworthy part of the wedding. At that time, it was shaped from garland, which was symbolic of love and happiness. They were made of herbs and garlic, believed to have the power to ward off evil. Flowers in the form of a wreath were also worn on the bride’s head—and on the groom’s; all in the name of never-ending happiness.

Today, we construct elaborate and imaginative creations to symbolize love. Flowers can be bright and colourful or they can be part of an all-white theme. They come in different shapes, styles and sizes with names that signify the nature of their art. You can opt to match them with your dress, your wedding theme or pick your flowers based on their delicate scent.


Flowers (starting at the top): Blume, Alain Simon Fleurs, Fanadica | Photography: Vera Varley of La V Image | Tuxedo: Waxman Formal Wear | Hair: Sofia Karambela of Modelo Hair Design | Makeup: Mindy Shear of Mindy Shear Make Up

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