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If you were to ask around, you’d probably have a hard time finding a girl who doesn’t like diamonds. However, it would be less difficult to find people who dislike the experience of going to an actual jeweller. While some offer large selections, it can be very difficult to compare diamonds, find out what you want to know about stones and styles, and make up your own mind without a salesperson trying to push you in one direction or the other. This is why a lot of women are starting to shop for jewellery online – and specifically, if you want the best quality diamonds and the best online jewellery shopping experience, you should head straight to 77 Diamonds.

Simply put, this store has everything you could possibly want in a diamond jewellery store. And because it’s online, it allows you to compare products easily and make up your own mind. The site specializes in diamonds but also showcases a large collection of gorgeous, high quality stones, as well as different jewellery styles ranging from vintage looks to the newest arrangements.

Perhaps the best characteristic is that when you shop, you don’t have to worry about quality. Instead, you can focus on style and more specific aspects of a diamond. Complete with an “education” page that can help you understand the subtle differences between stones, as well as explanations of different ring settings and types of jewellery, the site offers you a thorough and high quality shopping experience that you are sure to benefit from.

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