Style Shoots


The Art Of Motion, Bridal Fashion Feature

By: Anna Lombardos

Stand tall and confident, with your shoulders back and your bouquet held low at the waist. Then take a deep breath. The big moment is finally here. As your heart listens to the sweet melody of “The Wedding March” you know you are ready for a new beginning. Walk down the aisle slowly, with the poise of a ballerina, radiating elegance and majesty. Delight in every moment of this magical dream we call the wedding day. It is your turn to shine, to laugh and to dance the art of motion. Accessorize your wedding dress with your unique touch. Like poetry in motion, you carry yourself gracefully into the sacred mystery of fairytales. You are the epitome of beauty and refinement. Your wedding dress is an expression of your personality and style. Wear delicate trimmings to accentuate your gown’s décolleté or bring out the special intricacies that define your wedding dress. Each special feature is emphasized through fanciful fabrics, interesting jewellery or statement accessories.


Photography: Vera Varley of La V Image | Assistant Photographer: Alex Karpov | Hair: Pierre Taylor of Avanti Le Spa | Makeup: Leslie Meyers / Annie Young Cosmetics | Jewellery: Creations Georgianni Inc. | L’École supérieure de ballet du Québec