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For globally-inspired jewellery with a modern aesthetic, look no further than Vancouver-based jewellery designer Melanie Auld.

Whether worn in layers or on its own, each piece—sourced from around the world—tells a visual story through the eyes of Melanie Auld.


“Each piece I create is inspired by travel, different cultures, and the world around us. Jewellery is an extension of oneself and it makes my heart happy to design and make jewellery that women can live in and layer to create a look that’s uniquely their own,” says Melanie. “I put so much thought, detail and love into each and every piece and I believe it shows!”


Each brass-based piece (made with 14kt gold or Rhodium plating) is distinguished by Melanie Auld’s unconventional synthesis of wood, oyster shell, and signature tassel detailing to convey an organic and boho-conscious style. For custom-cut semi-precious stones, Melanie Auld indulges in labradorite, moonstone and mother of pearl to create a tasteful selection of rings, chains, cuffs or studs. Find Melanie Auld locally and internationally in Canada, the U.S., and overseas.


Jewellery: Melanie Auld

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