Real Weddings



Mathieu first laid eyes on Stéphanie’s glorious smile and alluring gaze at the boyish age of 17. They haven’t left each other’s company since. During their blossoming relationship, Mathieu once accompanied Stéphanie to France where she was performing in a concert as a cellist. They afterwards took a trip to Côte d’Azur, where Mathieu orchestrated the utmost true romantic proposal we can only witness in movies.

An intimate restaurant, the ring placed inside a champagne glass and all followed by countless amounts of flowers and chocolates, this represented the making of a true and passionate romance for years to come. The sheer joy and warmth that the couple exudes was greatly reflected in their magical wedding. They incorporated personal and meaningful touches to their special day, from the officiate of the wedding being Stéphanie’s Godmother to the participation of Stéphanie’s band, Rhapsody Orchestra, at the reception. Celebrating at the magnificent Mirage Golf Club in Terrebonne, the attention to detail the couple presented created an intimate and family oriented ambiance.

This atmosphere was also captured in the photos taken by Alesya K. from La V Image. She made great use of the sun-filled natural lighting to embrace the glow and spirit of the couple as well as created dramatic shadow effects. The photographs also included a play on reflections, showcasing the couple from an artistic perspective. Overall, the pictures of Stéphanie and Mathieu’s wedding depict their love story with imagination, sweetness, enthusiasm and photographic excellence.


Photography: Alesya K. of La V Image