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2019 Wedding Sweet Survival Guide

Sugar addicts, meet our favorite sweets!

The idea of an elaborate sweet table opening up at the end of the night is something most brides can’t live without. So, where do you start? What are the trends? What will have guests coming back for more? We’ve listed the four most popular delicacies we’ve seen throughout the industry as of late and piled them into what we like to call our sweet survival guide!


In case the meringue-based confection from France has somehow slipped under your radar, we’re here to tell you just how trendy it is in the wedding world. With every color at your disposal, macarons make for one kaleidoscopic touch to any sweet table, favour box, or cake topper. From flavourful drizzles to hand-painted designs, custom shapes, and fancy fillings, there’s undoubtedly more than one way to make your macarons stand out from the rest.



Dozens of cupcakes lined up at a sweet table will always be a crowd favorite. Why? Because it gives guests the opportunity to try more than one. So why not offer a variety of bite-size goodies at the stroke of midnight? Buttercream flowers, cookie toppers, and fondant creations are just a few of the techniques out there to ensure cupcakes are the star of your dessert bar.


Dripped Cakes

The effect of cakes literally dripping with icing from tier to tier is a movement that won’t soon go away. Not only is the delicious detail visually pleasing, it adds texture to the overall design of the cake. Spice up the trendy accent by incorporating fresh fruit, flowers, or any of the other decadent sweets on this list.



Join the growing community of bakers and brides alike eager to find new and inventive ways of incorporating doughnuts into their reception. From glitter to sprinkles, stands and towers, the styling options of the circular sweet truly are too good to pass up. Want to really “wow” your guests? Feature the most popular station filling up your Pinterest feed: doughnut walls!