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Top 2022 hairstyles to perfectly match your wedding dress

WEDDING hair styles

When choosing a hairstyle for your big day, it’s important to prioritize comfort and style over what’s trending. But, there’s no denying that 2022’s wedding hairstyles are a cut above. Brides-to-be are spoilt for choice with a wide range of timeless and classic styles to satisfy even the most discerning customer.

What’s more, it’s easier than ever to find a unique hairstyle that compliments your wedding dress, and below, we’ve listed some of the best hair trends to look out for this year:

natural hairstyles

1.   Keep it natural

This year, one of the most popular and flattering hairstyles for brides is natural hair. Brides-to-be in 2022 are all about embracing their natural curls instead of doing the whole straightening routine. This trend also entails appreciating natural beauty as well, which means applying less makeup and going for a fresh-faced look instead. Keeping up with this style is easy, and with enough practice, you can effortlessly achieve this look on your own.

Remember to use your nourishing shampoo to prepare your hair for easy styling ahead of time.

2.   Fancy Hair Accessories

For the bride who wants to go above and beyond the traditional veil, there’s a variety of bold hair accessories to choose from. In fact, the year 2022 will see a continued emphasis on blingy and daring hair accessories for weddings, from tiaras inlaid with pearls to ornate bobby pins and customized bridal headpieces.

3.   Textured Loose-Curl Bun

Jennifer Korab, owner of Renaissance Salon in Middleton, New Jersey, noted that this style is a modern take on a traditional appearance that incorporates a substantial amount of texture into a sleek bun. “Many brides like their updos ‘loose and airy,'” she added, but she also stated that for 2022, even what is called “messy” is still “quite sleek and smooth while keeping a few pieces out around the face and hairline.”

According to Korab, this is wonderful for brides who wish to go without extensions since it requires less upkeep. And the same thing is true for brides who desire to wear their hair in a ponytail; they absolutely adore the laisez-fare nature of this loose ponytail look. Plus, you can always jazz it up with a few highlights here and there.

Bridal Updo Hairstyles

4.   The Symmetrical Part in the Center

As we move forward into 2022, a growing number of women are looking to red carpet looks rather than traditional wedding fashions. This trend is revolutionizing bridal looks the world over.

While most brides have always gravitated toward looks that speak of timeless glam, nowadays it’s all about opting for a style that is versatile and timeless; the symmetrical parting in the center.

This decidedly preppy look offers a sense of symmetry to all different types of face shapes and it’s a classic that’ll never go out of style. You’ll look back on your wedding pictures beaming with pride at having chosen this posh option.

elegant wedding cover bride

5.   Natural Highlights

While this is not a brand-new style for the year 2022 per se, it is one that continues to endure well into the 2020s. That’s because natural highlights have the ability to make your hair appear as a silhouette in photos.

The highlights don’t have to be very noticeable, simply a couple of shades lighter throughout would do the trick.