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31 Unique Wedding Desserts to Serve With Cake

We guarantee these unconventional wedding desserts will have guests running back for more

If you love sweets and treats as much as we do, than these wedding desserts will put you in a frenzy. Whether you want to accompany your cake with some tasty bites or go all out and create a sweet station stacked with goodies, these unique dessert ideas will do the trick. From cookies to waffles, popcorn and cake pops, our delicious gallery of confections has it all! Click on your favourite snack to see the full feature from our blog!

1. Popcorn

2. Pyramids

3. Waffles

4. Eclairs

5. Cake Pops

6. Doughnuts

7. Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

8. Rice Krispies

9. Macarons

10. Cookie Sandwiches

11. Cupcakes

12. S’mores

13. Popsicles

14. Chocolate Truffles

15. Oreo’s

16. Candy Apples

17. Cookies and Milk

18. Croquembouche Tower

19. Cream Puffs

20. Oatmeal Cookies

21. Meringues

22. Candy Bar

23. Mini Cupcakes

24. Marshmallows

25. Fondant Cookies

26. Mousse

Tasty Wedding Desserts For Your Reception