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7 Ways to Responsibly Curate Your Dream Wedding

vintage wedding decor

Wedding planning is an exciting process! But there’s responsibility involved in curating your dream wedding. How can you, an environmentally-conscious couple, consider the environmental and ethical impacts while creating a magical celebration? 

Let’s explore 7 ways to responsibly curate your dream wedding and plan a memorable day without an extensive carbon footprint. Conscious decisions involving catering, jewelry, clothing, and venue will benefit you, your community, and the planet.

Envision Ethical Jewelry

Jewelry isn’t something a wedding day can go without. But how can you ensure your rings, necklaces, and other precious pieces are ethical? Purchase jewelry from a company emphasizing good working conditions and fair pay for their workers. Ethical jewelry entails minimizing the negative impact the gemstone and metal industry often exerts on workers and the environment.

Instead of diamonds, opt for the popular diamond alternative, moissanite. This stunning gemstone suits any engagement or wedding ring style and is much less harsh on the environment than diamonds during sourcing. Another option is to find yourself antique or vintage rings and jewelry. These pre-loved items are timeless and classic. Help to avoid the waste of precious metals and gemstones by searching for vintage jewelry.

masonite diamonds

Wear an Ethical Wedding Dress

What usually happens to wedding dresses after the big day? After they’re worn once, they sit in a cupboard for years or in a landfill. A pre-loved or rented dress can be just as beautiful and personal. Pre-loved wedding gowns also lessen the negative impact on the people who made the dress and the environment. 

Some individuals may place specific importance on having a wedding dress designed specifically for them. If this is your case, ensure your dress is locally made. A transparent dressmaker will be open about where every material comes from, so you can avoid dresses made from materials that support environmental degradation and terrible labor standards.

When your wedding day is done, why not upcycle your dress? Either sell it or dye, cut, and repurpose it into a clothing item you can use again. Turn your dress into an evening gown, a cocktail dress, or many handkerchiefs. Or donate it to a local theatre or charity.

ethical wedding dress

Visualize an Accessible Venue

We all know the impact the transport sector has on the environment. The transportation sector accounted for 28% of greenhouse gas emissions in the US in 2022, compared to all other economic sectors.  Cut fossil fuel consumption and your wedding’s overall carbon footprint by hosting the ceremony and reception at the same place. Your guests will also be grateful they don’t have to organize many transport methods. Encourage guests to carshare by making it easy.  Choose a venue that has a positive attitude toward sustainability. Ask them about eco-friendly energy consumption and responsible waste management solutions.

Why not pick an open-air space? A lush garden, serene beach, or rustic farmhouse has scenic beauty that acts as free decor. You’ll also reduce your reliance on artificial light, heating, and ventilation.

eco friendly wedding venue

Invest in Eco-Friendly Invitations

Your dream wedding invitations can also be eco-friendly! Digital invites are becoming increasingly popular, with incredible design programs readily available for you to use. However, you can still print hardcopy invitations without the inevitable wastage. Invest in invites made from recycled and natural materials, such as hemp or bamboo, with soy and vegetable-based inks. A lovely idea is plantable seed paper! Guests can plant your wedding invitations in their gardens and grow beautiful new plants that symbolize new beginnings, nurturing, and growth.

ethical wedding invitation

Gather Green Gifts

Choosing green wedding favors for guests is a wonderful way to celebrate your special day while making a positive impact on the environment. Eco-friendly options such as plantable seed paper, reusable bamboo straws, or small potted succulents not only convey thoughtfulness but also encourage sustainability. By opting for these environmentally conscious gifts, you reduce waste and promote green living among your loved ones.

eco friendly wedding favours
green wedding favors

Don’t Forget the Decor

It’s all about vintage, recycled, rented, pre-loved, local, etc. These are the keywords to curate your conscious dream wedding.  Advocate for ethical consciousness by choosing vintage, recycled, or rented furniture for your wedding. Give your ceremony a unique style twist with little to no wastage.

Buying decor doesn’t have to carry a huge environmental impact, either. Opt for statement, timeless decor made of eco-friendly materials (jute, bamboo, terracotta, etc.). Then don’t toss them – use them in your home for years. Edible decor also provides an ethereal quality to your special day: picture fruit and vegetable centerpieces and decorative herbs to be, respectively, eaten and planted later. Seasonal and locally grown flowers are cheaper, kinder to the environment, and last longer. 

fruit wedding centrepiece
vintage wedding decor

Consider Conscious Catering

A fully vegan or vegetarian menu goes a long way in preserving animal rights and reducing your wedding’s carbon footprint. Those who want to offer their guests a larger range, including meat options, should choose a catering company that supports local producers.

Serve ethical alcohol by purchasing vegan and animal-friendly brands from independent or small businesses. An organic or homemade wedding cake means lower environmental impact and healthier guests at your gorgeous green wedding.

There will almost always be leftovers after a wedding. Donate excess food to local organizations and charities that support those less fortunate. Combine this with providing guests with biodegradable takeaway containers to load up with leftover delicacies and take home.

Have your waste management systems in place before the wedding ceremony and reception. Any dry waste can be recycled and organic waste can be composted.