Style Shoots



Close your eyes and dream. Envision every detail of your wedding day. From the fairytale dress to the outstanding décor, create an event of a lifetime. Planning for the big day is an adventure. Draw inspiration from the imaginative story of Alice in Wonderland. Use bold contrasting colors, oversized flowers, and whimsical arrangements. Create a fantasy that is timeless, fun-filled and unforgettable.


Photography: Vera Varley of  La V image | Makeup: Jenny Volovnik and Amy Klein of Victoria Park | Brooch: Pink Lace Bridal by Delilah K Gown available at: Les Noces Couture | Gown available at: Boutique J’adore | Gown available at: Anne Jean-Michel | Gown available at: Melissa Gentile Couture | Table, Teacups and Chairs: Joe’s Prop House | Hair: Emily Hannah of Studio Giovanni Miloncini | Jewellery: TJ.I by Irina Troitsky | Photographer’s Assistant: Huy Bach – La V image | Set Designer & Stylist: Anna Popova – La V image | Set & Photographer Assistant: Darya Khomyakova – La V image | Technician: Philipp Boulanov of La V image

south hill succulent floral