Alain Simon Fleurs... J'Adore!

Alain Simon Fleurs brings you on a journey of emotions and through a fairytale made for grown-ups! And yes, it’s all about the dress. A day with Alain Simon Fleurs is a unique concept developing an idea and bringing it to life with some of the best wedding specialists in Montreal. It’s about extraordinary people coming together and sharing their passion. And knowing Alain Simon is knowing that he will transport you into his dreams and use the finest things in life to make you smile.

Art Director: Alain Simon | Model: Ariane Simon | Photography: Vera Varley of La V Image | Cinematography: Marrone Video | Bridal dress: Paco Couture | Bride’s Hair, Styling & Jewellery: Paco | Makeup: Mindy Shear | Furniture: Luxe Rentals | Lights & Draping: Eventex (Scott & Adam)