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Intimate Backyard Wedding

Maryse noel Quebec wedding

Childhood friendships come and go, but some bonds run deeper than friendship. Maryse and her husband, Jonathan, spent their youth together and attended their graduation together. Life has brought them together in 2019! Thank you, Life! The intimate ceremony took place under a flowery archway in their backyard, in front of a field gilded by the onset of autumn. They were united in front of their children, families and close friends.

Maryse noel quebec bride

The reception took place in their backyard in a majestic transparent marquee, illuminated to perfection, letting them see nature in all its splendour. The basic idea for the decor was to light up the tables so that the groom’s deaf mother could read lips and chat all evening with family and friends. This was their priority; then, they incorporated their colours into flowers and lights.

Autumn wedding decor features warm, rich colors that create a cozy and romantic atmosphere. Deep reds, burnt oranges, golden yellows, and chocolate browns capture the season’s essence.


Wedding Planner : Maryse Création |Bridal Gown: Boutique Natalia Exclusif   | Limousine: Allanté Limousine  | Photographer: La V photo | Video: La V cinema | Flowers: Wfloral Design | Location: There Home | Caterer: Las Olas Traiteur | Officiant : Lysandre Cardin et Charles Patry | Tuxedo: Waxman | Makeup : Poudrette & Compagnie |Hair:  Studio A+  | Service : Maitre d’hotel Sébastien forand événement | Entertainment: DJ -Frank Marchand (Ere du verseau ) | Tent : Tente Fiesta | Linens: Group ABP | Decor: Maryse Creation