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Best Engagement Ring Styles to Consider

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Popping the all-important question to your special someone needs careful planning and coordination. While you want it to look as spontaneous as possible, you need to put in a lot of work to get it done. You also have to choose the right engagement ring that will seal the deal. Visit this website if you want to find the most popular engagement ring to grace her finger and set off your road to forever.

Choosing the best engagement ring can be confusing, especially if you don’t know what to consider. Of course, there’s the stone which is your primary consideration. You also have to figure out the size and setting because you need to showcase the stone perfectly. If you’re not well-versed in such things, you might get overwhelmed and just choose one from the many choices available. While it may work, selecting the suitable stone and putting it in the right style and setting would greatly satisfy your wife-to-be.

Let’s delve into the different engagement ring styles you can consider before you pop that life-changing question to the love of your life.


One of the most trusted and classic engagement ring styles is the solitaire. If you want to showcase the stone by itself on the ring and mount it on a simple band that accentuates the stone, the solitaire would be a perfect choice. It doesn’t go out of style, and no matter what your beloved wears, it will still look nice on her finger.


If you’ve got a huge budget, you can always choose a pavé engagement ring. This style screams elegance as it incorporates tiny diamonds, or other gemstones, into the ring’s band. You can create your design, especially if the jeweler would have your wife-to-be’s birthstones handy. This style captures more light, giving the impression that the ring glows. If you want your beloved to catch the eye of everyone in the room, this is a great style choice.


The cathedral is another traditional engagement ring style. It is a preferred style if you want to offset the gem because a metal shank supports it. The band itself can showcase the pavé for the extra bling. You also have the option to leave the band as simple as possible.



If you want to incorporate as many smaller stones as possible on the engagement ring, then you’ll be better off choosing the cluster style. Also known as the illusion ring, it recreates the effect of a larger gemstone. In essence, it’s a more affordable alternative. You also have the option to go as traditional or as modern as possible.


The halo style allows the center stone to grab attention because of its shimmer and shine. There’s the element of the pavé that sets off the stone as it creates a halo that can accentuate its color and size.

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Final thoughts

Choosing the right engagement ring will make your bride-to-be happy. Don’t fret about the style, although there are options available. What matters most is that you’re ready to take the next big step in your relationship, and the ring will symbolize your journey to forever.

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