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5 Best Leather Overnight Bags For A Wedding Weekend

Over night bags for your wedding day

A wedding is a momentous event of your life which signifies a life-changing journey with your spouse. From the wedding ceremony and reception to your honeymoon, you want everything to be perfect and meaningful as much as possible. It’s your special day. So, you deserve all the best for a wedding weekend, including owning and carrying the best leather overnight bags. 

You’ll indeed have a lot of stuff to pack for a wedding weekend. Keep your gadgets, jewelry, personal care products, wedding attire, and other essential items secure and in perfect condition by choosing a durable, functional, and stylish leather overnight bag. You can invest in several leather bags to complete your bag collection for a more convenient wedding weekend. 

Take a look at the best leather overnight bags for a wedding weekend below to help you make the right choice.

overnight bag in leather
Grand Leather Garment Bag from Von Baer

Leather Suit Carrier

Grooms also need an overnight bag that depicts elegance and superior functionality. With a high-quality, compact, and structured leather suit carrier, you’ll save yourself from ironing wrinkled suits and shirts at hotels. Hence, you can use this bag not only for a wedding weekend but also for business trips. 

But how do you know you’ve got a high-quality leather bag? Here are some tips: 

  • Check Certification: Choose a product with a leather origin certificate to guarantee the origin and quality of the leather, encompassing the material and how it has been treated. You should also consider the space, zipper quality, and other vital features. 

Check The Features: If you’re looking for an overnight bag that can also carry your suit, then this leather overnight bag from Von Baer is ideal. This premium vegetable-tanned leather bag was crafted by Italian artisans who highly regard sustainability, allowing you space for overnight clothes as well as your suit.

leather overnight bag for men

Leather Tote Bag

Tote bags are efficient and spacious, allowing you to carry loads of valuable things for any purpose. This bag comes in different styles, colours, and materials, such as canvas, plastic, PVC, and leather.

Leather tote bags are suitable for any occasion, including weddings. A tote bag is efficient, durable, and stylish. So, it’s only practical for a bride to have a leather tote bag ready for a wedding weekend. It’s a very accessible bag to put your makeup kit, hair accessories, gadget chargers and cables, and more. 

leather overnight bag in leather

Leather Clutch Bag

Do you want to carry some important stuff with you to the wedding reception? If yes, then clutches are perfect. Clutches have a limited amount of space. But this type of bag is intended to add to your outfit’s overall look the way jewelry and other accessories do. 

A clutch bag is your best friend that carries the valuable things you need with style, eliminating the bulky and heavy feel of bigger bags. You can keep your smartphone, lipstick, press powder, and other small items in a beautiful leather clutch bag. 

Choose the best leather clutch bag for you following these tips: 

  • Buy From A Reputable Seller: Many ads add the term “leather” on the listings but aren’t genuine leather. So, make sure you only deal with trusted bag manufacturers to ensure a stress-free purchase. 

Check Its Outfit Compatibility: Clutches have a boxy feel and clean edges. They have a touch of modern feel you can’t find from other purses. Choose a leather clutch bag that can perfectly match your bridal gown or cocktail dress after the wedding ceremony.

leather overnight clutch bag

Leather Shoulder And Sling Bags For The Wedding Couple 

Are you planning a beach wedding? A destination wedding is a great theme, bringing your guests with you on a new romantic wedding getaway. But of course, you need to prepare for a long trip. 

Make the most out of a destination wedding by walking around after your big day. On your honeymoon, you might want to stroll in the park or shop around boutiques and malls. You can keep your wallet, phone, and other valuables in a shoulder bag or sling bag to secure them. Using this bag, you can keep your hands free to do other things you want, like holding hands while walking on the beach. 

Bridal leather shoulder and groom sling bags are used to carry your stuff conveniently after the wedding ceremony. Sometimes, pouches can easily slip out of your sight and hand when shopping or doing anything busy. So, there’s a risk of losing important stuff along the way. You can prevent this incident from happening by securing your things in a shoulder bag or sling bag. 

overnight bag for a wedding

Leather Carry-On Bag For The Wedding Couple 

A leather cabin-sized carry-on bag with wheels is stylishly elegant and practical for the wedding couple. It’s your perfect companion for your first travel as a married couple in a short weekend trip or a long week honeymoon abroad after an intimate wedding

Experience utmost convenience when you’re on the go. If you’re looking for a durable bag that can accommodate your laptop, camera, and other honeymoon travel must-haves, then a leather carry-on is perfect for you.

The spacious room inside a leather carry-on bag can hold larger items and keep smaller things nicely organized in the interior zipped pocket and the small slots. Instantly access your boarding pass, passport, tablet, laptop, and other travel essentials and access them easily during the flight. 

Check these tips when choosing a leather carry-on bag: 

  • Check The Make And Design: Choose a unisex carry-on bag with a carefully thought-through stylish design to make your honeymoon trip effortless. You might consider getting a leather carry-on bag handmade from premium vegetable-tanned leather crafted by Italian artisans. The leather luggage tag included can make your carry-on bag always easy to recognize. 

Determine The Best Features: You can find a leather carry-on bag that’s available in different colours, featuring a thick and durable cotton canvas lining, high-quality zippers, a foldaway telescopic handle, and smooth-rolling wheels. You can conveniently tuck the bag’s handle away in a zipped compartment when not in use.