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How CanvasPop Can Turn Your Wedding Photos into Home Decor?


All couples do exceptional work when they put thought behind managing and decorating their wedding venue. From managing and arranging the plush carpets of the venue to table cloths, centerpieces for the entire event, extreme care is taken. Luckily, all these gorgeous settings and decorations double up and create such beautiful and elegant backdrops for the pictures taken.

Then the couple spends a lot of money and means on wedding photography to get the drop-dead gorgeous pictures of their dreams. From the very original wedding photograph ideas to the extreme cliche clicks, the wedding photography usually requires a lot of effort.

The pictures are then modified into beautiful, elegant wedding albums which the couple shows to all their loved ones. Once this very monotonous ritual gets over, the wedding album sits in storage and gathers dust.

But, how can a couple (or, you) make the best use of your wedding photos? It is easy, turn them into your home decor, and has visitors awed whenever they visit you!

Here are a few ways to turn your wedding pictures into home decor by using CanvasPop.

CanvasPop to frame your wedding pictures

Bring in the grand canvases!

A big, bold canvas can change the whole look and feel of your house. And, if that canvas is of the moment when you vow to love your boo forever, it will add an extra refined and elegant touch to your home. It can bring your most beautiful moments into a larger than life scene, and we are sure that you will love every inch of it.

All you need to do is select the pictures you want to make into grand canvases. Upload these pictures or pictures to CanvasPop, choose your size settings, filters, and all other options you would like and get big, bold, and beautiful canvases for your rooms.

You could create several such grand canvases and install them in all of your rooms for a wedding theme home decor. Hence, you can modify your home into a destination as beautiful as your wedding venue was. You can also create an art gallery look with multiple big, custom canvas prints for your very own wedding art gallery at home!

CanvasPop Family Affair

Weddings are beautiful because you have the love and blessing of all your loved ones near you. The same is true for the wedding pictures you take along with your loved ones and family. Nothing can more beautifully decorate your home than the true, heartfelt moments of your wedding.

Start sorting through your wedding albums and find the most unique and candid shots of your wedding featuring your family members. You can find multiple pics featuring your parents, your siblings, and other near and dear ones. Upload them onto CanvasPop and have them made into beautiful canvas prints of your choice.

You can install these canvas prints of your wedding pictures on a wall with other pictures of your family. You could also get a unique canvas print of a ‘family quote’ to go with these pictures.

Collage prints when you cannot choose one!

Your wedding album might have more than a few pictures that you absolutely adore. If asked to choose from these magnificent pictures, there is a high chance you will not be able to choose only one picture. So, the best option, in this case, is to choose more than one and get a custom collage print!

canvaspop to frame your wedding pictures

You could begin with a wedding journey choosing a picture each from the moment you met your other half, fell in love, got engaged, had a bachelor or bachelorette party, and finally got married. The collage print will do justice to your love journey. Otherwise, you can get a custom collage of your wedding pictures entirely. Choose pictures of when the bride walks down the aisle with a picture of the groom waiting for her facing the first picture. Then add pictures of the couple together, pictures of the wedding toast, pictures of special first dances, and all other pictures you love.

canvaspop wedding collage frames
canvaspop how to frame your wedding photos

Other ways to get the most beautiful home decor with your wedding pictures: –

1.  Polaroid wedding fun!

Several people love taking polaroids. If you, a newly married person, love them too, there is a high chance that you clicked a ton load of polaroid on your wedding day! Using these polaroid clicks as a way to showcase your beautiful wedding day will totally be worth it.

Check these ideas for polaroid walls:

  • Take a jute twine and tie its ends individually to nails some distance apart.
  • Use a wooden peg to hang all your favorite polaroids from the twine.
  • You can rotate pictures as you wish and have a new look anytime you wish!

Another idea is to use magnetic polaroids

  • Have your pictures printed on a magnetic polaroid printer.
  • Now attach these on any metallic surface you want.
  • You can use these in your kitchen as an easily clean-able decor.

2. The great wall of quotes and pictures

Your wedding vows deserve a lot of attention, and so do the words that you usually associate with your wedding and love life. You might have some favorite lyrics or movie lines that you would wish to associate with the pictures of your wedding.

Creating a wall of quotes and pictures can help you accomplish all these. Here is an idea: –

  • Get several framed pictures of your wedding in different dimensions.
  • Now get your wedding vows made into paste-able stickers. You can do the same with your favorite words, lines, or quotes.
  • Hang the pictures on intervals according to your choice.
  • Fill the space with quotes and words of your choice or look at the wall whenever you lovingly wish to gaze at your wedding vows.
canvaspop to frame your wedding photos