Casino-themed Wedding Favours

casino wedding theme

There has been some discussion in recent years in wedding planning communities about whether or not wedding favours are worthwhile to offer your guests or if they are an unnecessary feature at modern weddings. There is, of course, a conversation about whether favours should be useable or decorative. The move towards making eco-friendly wedding choices is a positive one.

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Regardless of the debate, it’s essential to keep in mind what the purpose of wedding favours is. Essentially, they are a lovely little way to thank your guests for their presence at your celebration and commemorate the day. If you’re hosting a casino-themed wedding, it’s easier than ever to make it a complete experience. Now that you can play at an online casino from your home or venue, it’s a simple process to incorporate casino games into your cocktail hour or reception.

Casino-themed wedding favours are the perfect way to carry your theme through. Whether it’s something your guests can use or simply a keepsake, they give your guests a lasting token of your wedding. Some themes lend themselves to more generic favours. On the other hand, casinos provide plenty of inspiration for themed favours.

Here are some of our favourite casino-themed wedding favours for you to consider:

Personalized poker chips

Poker chips are one of the most iconic symbols of the casino. Not only are poker chips used to exchange currency in casinos, but they are also often used as lucky talismans. It’s difficult to imagine a casino wedding that doesn’t incorporate poker chips in some way, either in the decor, for guests to play with during the reception, or as a wedding favour.

Poker chips usually have the name of the casino embossed on them, occasionally alongside the chip’s value. To make them perfect wedding favours, replace the casino’s name with your names or initials, the value of the chip, and the date. You can have the chips made to match your wedding colours or the highest value chip at the casino that was your inspiration.

Playing cards

Alongside poker chips, playing cards are the most recognizable casino item. Classic games such as poker, blackjack, and baccarat all require at least one deck of cards to play. One thing to remember when decorating for a casino wedding is that the Ace of Spades has a negative connotation and can be seen as a bad luck card. Focusing more on the King and Queen of Hearts is more appropriate.

Playing cards can be customized to various extents, depending on your preferences. Photo printing companies like Shutterfly offer multiple options for personalizing the backs of a deck of cards. You could, for example, put an engagement photo on them. If that feels like too much, you could have the deck made in your primary wedding colour, with the date and your initials printed on them.

casino playing cards as a wedding favour
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Dice might not spring to mind as readily as playing cards and poker chips do when considering casino games, as many people associate them more with board games. This association makes them such a clever favour – your guests will be able to use them later on when playing games with their families.

The most basic customization is to source dice in your wedding colours. For an even more personal touch, you can opt to replace the pips on one face of the die. The replacement could be a small heart or another image that resonates with you as a couple, or perhaps your wedding date and your initials. Only one face should be altered though. Otherwise, they no longer work as dice.

casino dice wedding favors

Vintage key chain

The Las Vegas Strip is known for its iconic hotels that capture the imagination almost as much as its glittering casinos do. Retro hotel key chains have become popular souvenirs in the last few years. You can find tags for famous hotels from film and television, like the titular Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) from the Wes Anderson film or the Overlook Hotel from Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining (1980). Others are sweet commemorations of visits to destinations like the National Parks.

These thin plastic or wooden tags are infinitely customizable, making them an ideal wedding favour. As with all of the above suggestions, they can be made in your wedding colors. Since they provide more space than a poker chip or dice do, you can have a bit of fun with what you have printed on them. Alongside the date or your names, you could also consider a sweet saying like “The Key to Happiness is Love”.

vintage key chain