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Stunning Manor Wedding

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Stunning Manor Wedding

Claudia and Christian first crossed paths in a quaint restaurant, a place of fond memories from decades ago. It was a casual encounter that left no lasting impression at the time. Fast forward five years, and they found ourselves in that familiar restaurant celebrating its fifth anniversary. This time, however, fate had more in store for them. Their friendship would gradually evolve into a deep and lasting relationship over the next five years.

The ceremony took place in the heart of the historic town of La Malbaie; nestled beneath the sprawling branches of centuries-old trees, the Van Duyse Manor stood as a majestic testament to time. This splendid manor, dressed in white and black, has been meticulously preserved and lovingly restored since it was purchased by them in 2021. Underneath the starlit evening sky, nestled in the heart of a picturesque garden, a grand chapiteau stood tall and majestic. The wedding reception occurred under chapiteau, draped in billowing white fabric, with twinkling fairy lights crisscrossing above, creating a celestial atmosphere.

At the center of this enchanting setup was a large U-shaped dining table accommodating 90 guests. Chef Sylvain Dervieux and his team from Restaurant Faux Berger had the distinct honour of curating and preparing a culinary masterpiece for their special day.