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Chinese New Year Wedding IDeas

Prepare to “ooh” and “ah” at these colourful and innovative Chinese New Year wedding themes

Thanks to Asian Fusion Weddings, we’re ringing in Chinese New Year with two insanely stunning style shoots celebrating the year of the dog! Blending eastern and western decor elements, the Lunar New Year creatives feature high-end design, traditional Asian heritage and colour palettes we could literally stare all day. Here’s what the designer, Wendy, had to say about it:

Q: As a wedding planner, you participate in style shoots based on various themes. Why one about the Lunar New Year?

Wendy: Chinese New Year is always celebrated with friends and family at home, and eating together is always part of the 15-day celebration. Although food is a very important element at these get-togethers, often times the visual and aesthetic experience for our guests may be overlooked. For this very reason, our team wanted to showcase two very distinct looks that anyone can do at home. These decorative ideas are really simple to execute, but they really do enhance the dining table tremendously.


Q: What was the inspiration for this style shoot?

Wendy: Thinking about all those Lunar New Year family dinners over the years, personally, I was ultimately inspired by two specific things. First, Pantone’s colour of year for 2017; greenery. This was the reason green was selected in the colour palette. Secondly, would it be possible to have a Chinese-inspired shoot without featuring traditional red? I believe our team was successful in demonstrating a modern interpretation of Asian decor and styling when you look at the video and pictures.

The other design features that our team encapsulated was the Yin and Yang concept. One table featured a bold approach with the use of Bonsai trees. It translated into a more sophisticated masculine feel. The second table donated a more feminine touch with an abundance of flowers in shades of soft pinks and purples. 

Q: What one key piece of advice can you offer to couples looking to design their own event?

Wendy: My continuous inspiration is derived from my clients’ cultural backgrounds, their individual tastes and impeccable styles. Hence the company name “Asian Fusion Weddings.” However, there are also clients that want a very visually detailed rich celebration where the cultural aspects are not the main focus. Hence “Formosa Events.” Formosus in Latin means beautifully formed.  Therefore, when couples consult with this company, they desire more visual eye-candy at their events.   

In either case, it brings me great joy to be able to infuse their wishes into one creatively detailed and cohesive design; whether it be a gathering at home, an intimate affair and/or an extravagant wedding. The key for designing any celebration is to maintain the colour scheme, use a variety of textures and remember what the purpose of the event is all about.

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Creative Director, Green Theme Producer & Wedding Planner: Asian Fusion Weddings | Creative Director, Pink Theme Producer & Wedding Planner: Formosa Events | Creative Director & Photography: Pepper and Light | Cinematography: Images Life Media | Floral & Decor: Jackie O Floral Events Affair | Bonsai Trees: Tropical Expressions | Cakes & Sweets Tables: Nadia and Co. | Stationery Design & Flat Lay Stylist: Maison Maquette | Backdrop & Table Vinyl: Designer Dance Floor, Exotik Wrapz | Dresses: Dina Alonzi Bridal | Asian Jewellery: H & F Jewellery | Men’s Bowtie & Male Model Stylist: TYTAN Ties | Men’s Ties (Pink Theme Shoot): Classica | Men’s Shoes (Pink Theme Shoot): JAY + DEE | Hair Stylist: Medulla & Co. | Makeup Artist: Vinny Artistry & Co. | Canine Couture: El Cachorrocouture | Lion Dancers: Wushu Project | Table Top Rentals: Chair-man Mills | Table & Chair Rentals: Detailz Couture Event Rentals | Paper Lanterns: Toronto Paper Lanterns | Female & Male Models: Elite Model (Crystal and Gabriel) | Canine Models: Merlin’s Hope Rescue | Green Theme Venue: Aga Khan Museum | Pink Theme Venue: Shangri-La Hotel Toronto