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Chinese Tea Wedding Ceremony

tradition chinese tea ceremony

In the heart of Toronto, amidst the elegant backdrop of The Ritz Carlton, an extraordinary celebration unfolded, weaving together the richness of tradition with the vibrancy of modernity.

Chinese tea wedding ceremony

The focal point of this enchanting affair was the traditional Chinese tea ceremony, held within the opulent confines of The Ritz Carlton suite. Here, amidst the luxurious ambiance, the bride, adorned in the resplendent hues of a traditional Cheongsam, radiated elegance as she embarked on a timeless ritual. As delicate lotus seeds and pink dates graced the serving trays, each sip of tea symbolized the union of two souls, steeped in tradition and bound by love.

For the solemnity and grace of the Chinese tea ceremony, the bride adorned an elegant updo crafted with precision and delicate adornments. Every twist and curl of her hair spoke of tradition and reverence, framing her face with an air of timeless sophistication. Paired with a makeup palette that accentuated her natural beauty, she exuded an aura of poise and grace as she embarked on the sacred rituals that bound her to her beloved.

The essence of the East gracefully transitioned into a contemporary Western ceremony, where hues of pink, gold, and red infused the atmosphere with warmth and jubilation. Adorned with double happiness cufflinks, the groom stood as a testament to the harmonious fusion of cultures, embodying the spirit of unity and joy.

Amidst a breathtaking cascade of flowers, the reception unfolded against the backdrop of floor-to-ceiling windows, offering panoramic views of Toronto’s skyline. The grandeur of the Kings’ tables, adorned with an abundance of blooms and gleaming gold cutlery, set the stage for an unforgettable celebration of love and togetherness.


Team: WPIC Inc. | Photographer: Nichole Fan Photography | Event Planner: Tracey M Events | Event Venue: Ritz-Carlton Hotel Toronto | Design and Decor: Detailz Couture Event Rentals | Makeup Artist: Victoria Barrett Makeup and Hair | Apparel: The Fitzroy  | Design and Decor: Infinitude Design | Cake Designer: Sweet & Shy | Groomsman Attire: Andrew’s Formal Wear | Invitation Designer: Royal Stationery & Design | Linens and Coverings: Linen Closet | Officiant: My Wedding Officiant | Professional: Champagne and Macarons Events | Professional: Vanessa Legair Events | Professional: Poppin Petals | Cinema and Video: Beau video | Rental Equipment: Nayos