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Choosing Indian Wedding Jewelry

Choosing Indian Wedding Jewelry

Hello to our beautiful would-be brides! Are you concerned about choosing your wedding jewelry? Don’t worry! It’s not as complicated as it seems. You have a lot of choices when it comes to Indian wedding jewelry. Moreover, the handcrafted jewelry by Aurus is available in all types of varieties, be it gold, platinum, Kundan, diamond, etc.

This post is your cheat sheet to pick the kind of wedding jewelry that makes the Indian bride look like a goddess!

Choosing Indian Wedding Jewelry

7 Ways to Choose the Perfect Traditional Indian Wedding Jewelry

Apply these 7 clever tricks and pick up the ideal Indian bridal jewelry to compliment your face, wedding attire, and overall look for the D day.

1. Pick Traditional Styles, Patterns, & Metals of Indian Wedding Jewelry

Indian gold wedding jewelry is an inseparable part of the bridal ensemble. However, the Indian wedding jewelry for brides is not limited to gold only. You can get beautiful platinum, white gold, silver, and diamond-studded pieces. You get a variety of color pallets, patterns, designs, and glitter in stunning Kundan, lac, and Jadau.

You can pick any of these classic and evergreen metals and styles of Indian wedding jewelry according to your personal taste without worrying about the ongoing trend.

2. Wear Multiple Small Necklaces

 Instead of wearing one heavy wedding necklace, get two or more elegant and small long necklaces and chokers for your wedding. Your neckpieces can be of the same pattern but different sizes for each one of them to highlight. It will make you look perfectly decked up for your lehenga.

Moreover, you can reuse these neckpieces individually on upcoming occasions, and no one will know that you repeated your wedding jewelry!

Choosing Indian Wedding Jewelry

3. Check Your Family Treasure Before Buying New Jewelry

 Every Indian family has some of the other heirloom jewelry. Check out your family treasure before you venture out to buy new jewelry pieces. As bridal jewelry for weddings is traditional in looks, you’ll be able to use most of your grandmother’s jewelry. You can always get a few changes done to match it perfectly with your attire and other jewelry.

The traditional Indian wedding ring sets, bridal choker necklaces, and Polki bridal jewelry are common items that brides take out from their family’s royal chest.

4. Select Your Earrings Carefully

Like all the other wedding jewelry, intricate earrings are non-negotiable for an Indian bride. You can go for heavy earrings or somewhat lighter versions. It’s entirely up to you! But remember that you need to carry those earrings for the whole ceremony, so choose wisely.

The design of your earrings will depend upon multiple factors such as your hairstyle, neckline of your dress, the pattern of your bridal necklace, etc. So consider everything before you choose to wear the dangling jhumkies or the heart-stealing chandbali earrings.

Choosing Indian Wedding Jewelry

5. Consider Your Face Shape & Skin Tone

Consider these thumb rules about selecting the jewels according to the face shape and skin tone before going on an Indian bridal jewelry shopping spree.

  • A long Indian wedding necklace with danglers or teardrop earrings is great for a round-shaped face. No round earing, please!
  • Small and button earing (and not long earrings) paired with chokers are the safest bait for your wedding if you have a rectangular-shaped face.
  • A Choker is a good choice for a heart-shaped face. However, the earrings need to be cylindrical or triangular and not round for this face type.
  • Celebrate if you have an oval face as every shape and size of jewelry compliments your face!
  • If you have a cool skin tone determined by blue veins, then silver, white gold, and diamonds are your thing. But if you have green veins, you have a hot skin tone. The yellow metals like gold, kundan, copper, and golden gemstones will suit you.
Choosing Indian Wedding Jewelry

6. Opt for Vintage Style

Traditional Indian wedding jewelry is all about vintage style and metals. You can add some contemporary touch here and there. But if you want the “Indian diva” look at your wedding, keep it classic! You can opt for kundan, gold, or polki bridal jewelry such as matha Patti made with uncut diamonds. Some of the most prominent evergreen wedding vintage pieces are:-

  • Indian wedding earrings
  • Diamond necklace specially made for Indian wedding
  • Indian wedding rings
  • Indian bridal hand jewelry
Choosing Indian Wedding Jewelry

7. Dress According to the Ceremony

Choosing wedding jewelry for an Indian marriage doesn’t mean choosing only one jewelry set for one ceremony. An Indian wedding is a bouquet of festivities, each more significant than the other. It starts with sangeet, haldi, mehndi, and many other rituals depending on your family’s traditions. Therefore you end up choosing at least 2-3 sets of Indian bridal jewelry.

It’ll be wise to be subtle for initial customs and gradually increase the intensity and extravagance of your look in each ceremony. Needless to say, keep your most stunning and precious jewels aside to wear them for the wedding.

Key Take Away!

Right from choosing a perfect engagement ring to finalizing Indian bangles for your wedding, you can depend on these tips for your entire wedding festivities. So relax, look ravishing, get your beauty treatments done, and prepare to seize the most special day of your life!


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