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Diamonds Are Magical: Engagement Rings

By: Anna Lombardos

Let’s face it…diamonds really are a girl’s best friend. When thinking of diamonds, such words as rare, mysterious, magical and invaluable come to mind. These exquisite stones began their connection to love and weddings centuries ago when Archduke Maximilian gave one to his betrothed and placed it on the fourth finger (the ring finger) thought to connect to the heart. Its rich sentiment and alluring appeal has expanded through the ages. Selecting a diamond engagement ring has got to be one of the most exciting events that begins your plans for forever. There are so many shapes, styles and sizes to choose from. The important thing is that your ring defines you and speaks to the heart. Solitaires, clusters, whatever you choose to introduce your love story, get informed and stay inspired. Wear your diamond with love, feel the magic. Rings available at Bijoux Marsan.