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Why Wedding DJs Offer the Best Value for Wedding Entertainment

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How do you choose your wedding entertainment? How do you decide whether wedding DJ services or wedding bands are better for your wedding entertainment? This blog discusses all the reasons why wedding DJs offer more value for your wedding reception.  Wedding DJs can play more music in more venue types and they won’t cost as much. They can also take more song requests from guests than wedding bands.


What Do Wedding DJs Do?

The best wedding DJs aren’t simply DJs. They are charismatic performers who bring your wedding reception to life. They help you create and stick to a schedule and create the party’s mood with their announcements and crowd play. Additionally, these professionals are musical gurus with a wealth of musical knowledge that’s bound to get your guests dancing.

The cherry on the top for wedding DJs is keeping close connections with the other wedding coordinators. They understand how to ensure your wedding venue, planner, and catering stay on the same page as far as the schedule.

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Music Selection

No matter your musical preferences, stellar wedding DJs can accommodate. You may want to go the conventional route and have the top 40 played at your wedding. You might prefer contemporary Christian music. The point is, professional wedding DJs understand how to use any musical genre to their advantage, creating an upbeat atmosphere that makes people smile.

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Advanced Equipment

You have enough on your plate, you shouldn’t have to worry about a stage plot for a band or whether a keyboardist left their stand at home. With a wedding DJ, you won’t have to worry about speakers or any other equipment. Additionally, they will take it on themselves to correspond with the venue to decide what equipment setup works best for your reception.

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Master of Ceremonies

Playing music isn’t the DJ’s only responsibility. They also have to make sure the event schedule runs smoothly. They do this in a few ways. For one, they make announcements. But they also make sure the music matches the mood for each part of the reception. If the father-bride dance is up next, they won’t play a raucous dance tune leading up to it. If it’s time to eat, they won’t get people rowdy. And if the toasts are coming up, they won’t try to get people out on the dance floor.

Not having to worry about your reception’s flow frees you to be stress-free and enjoy the reception the way you should. Your wedding DJ guides you every step of the way.

hiring a dj for your wedding

Creating a Vibe

Wedding DJs understand how to read a room and create the vibe for the night. They don’t just do this for a little while, they keep the party going all night long. The best wedding DJs understand how to read the room and play the right music that guests feed off. They aren’t pretentious or stubborn about their music choices. It’s all about the guests.

They Need Less Space and Breaks than a Wedding Band

Wedding bands need more prominent stages for their equipment and the number of people in the band. They also need to take breaks more frequently due to the physical demand of playing live music.

 Wedding DJs fit into any venue you decide fits them best. They also don’t need as many breaks because they can simply press play and keep the party moving. Why pay more for bands when they take more breaks? Why pay more for more people when you can get a fuller sound with wedding DJs?

They Can Take Requests

Wedding DJs can field more requests than bands. Additionally, most people don’t want to hear Joe Schmo sing their favorite songs. They want to listen to their favorite artists sing their favorite songs. Wedding DJs can play any music in any genre. They won’t botch the performance with missed notes or subpar vocal deliveries.

People always want to give requests at weddings, so why not indulge them? Why fight their desire to hear what they want? Your wedding is as much about making the experience enjoyable for your guests as it is about making it enjoyable for yourself. If taking song requests is as simple as hiring a wedding DJ, why not go that route?

Conclusion- Why Wedding DJs Offer the Best Value for Wedding Entertainment

Wedding DJs simply offer more. This is primarily due to their superior ability to play any music in any genre. Having a master of ceremonies at your wedding reception who can control the flow of your party and create a mood is an essential part of your wedding entertainment and guests’ overall experience.  Studies show that guests remember the food and entertainment the most about weddings. Why not make yours one of the most memorable at an affordable price with a wedding DJ?

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