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The invitations heralds the beginning of your most memorable event: your wedding day. At the same time, it sets the tone and offers a hint of things to come. As each guest receives an invitation package, a number of significant elements begin to unfold. An all-important message is delivered. It is the first communication with your guests. It allows them into that special place in your heart and welcomes them to be a part of this extraordinary time of your life. The invite marks the start of it all.

Choose shimmery paper for a glamorous wedding theme. Select bold colourful prints for a whimsical wedding concept to follow. The colour of paper and the type of paper you use (the weight and stock) plays an important role in the presentation. The type of letterpress also adds to the intrigue and styling. Old fashion letterpress with slightly raised ink exudes a vintage appeal while thermography is a more contemporary choice that is quicker and less costly. Each detail enriches: illustrations, artwork, whimsical designs, layered paper, fine calligraphy – each invitation takes on a life of its own. Choose your palette and carry it over to other wedding details, such as the table settings or your wedding cake.

These beautiful invitations are by Papier Couture.