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An Unforgettable Statement, The Ella & Kyle Wedding Invitation Suite

Ella & Kyle Wedding Invitations

The invitation package kick-starts the excitement toward your wedding day. As each guest receives a beautiful envelope they’re involved in the celebration of the big day. From the colour of the invitation to the type of font, every detail reveals a little something of things to come. What kind of a first impression do you want to make? How do you envision your wedding day, and in which way will this be reflected through the invitations? How will you carry your theme through to other elements of the wedding day? What kind of lasting impression do you want to leave your guests with after the wedding is over?

Ella & Kyle Wedding Invitations

Invitation cards come in so many sizes, shapes, and colours. Select the combination of elements that’s right for you. They will define the theme of your wedding. Inform your guests about your wedding day in the most authentic way.

Ella & Kyle Wedding Invitations

Stylish Moments Invitation Studio

The Ella & Kyle Wedding Invitation colour palette is dusty blue, soft grey, blush, and gold accent. For the day of stationery, Stylish Moments Invitation Studio and Bella Boutique Events offer a variety of thoughtful stationery pieces that flow with a couple’s event. From menus, reserved seating signs, to protocol signs to keep guests comfortable throughout the day.

Some of the trends showcased with this stationery are as follows.


A semi-translucent paper with a frosted finish. A beautiful material choice for printing your invitation or used as an embellishment such as the vellum jacket created for this suite. We used a lovely silk ribbon to tie around the jacket and sealed it with a gold wax seal as an added touch of elegance.  

Coloured Stock

White is not a couple’s only paper choice option for printing their wedding invitation. In fact, there are several options and materials to consider. It will depend on the style of invitation a bride & groom are looking for that should tie back to their wedding theme. We used a soft pale grey paper for the invitation and response card and to compliment a lovely soft blush cardstock for the couple’s personalized notecard to guests. We did not want to be ‘matchy-matchy’  and only use one colour paper stock. We mixed two colours to add interest and highlight important details.

Ella & Kyle Wedding Invitations
Ella & Kyle Wedding Invitations


A meaningful design element is unique and personalized. Whether you’re looking for a contemporary or traditional look, monograms can be fashioned to a couple’s wedding style. 

Information cards

Couples want to be connected to their guests more than ever when planning their wedding. As hosts, it’s important to reach out to guests should there be an unexpected or sudden change to their event. As standard practice on the RSVP card, couples should request guests to provide their email. This will allow the bride & groom to quickly contact their guests and provide an update should there be a change to the couple’s wedding.

They also included a personalized notecard that politely states the bride & groom are carefully monitoring the pandemic situation and will keep guests updated should details of your event change. 

Keeping guests updated is essential during this time, so your guests aren’t left wondering or worried. It also sends a message that you are excited to celebrate with them and that the couple’s love story will still happen, whether with a New Date or ceremony only/reception later.⁠

White Ink Printing

Although we used a beautiful shade of blue to print the invitation and insert cards, white ink was chosen to print addresses on the envelope to elevate the presentation and add contrast.

This beautiful collection was designed by Stylish Moments Invitation Studio and Bella Boutique Events

Ella & Kyle Wedding Invitations
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