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Magical wedding ceremony

Sandrine and Nyam were 15 years old when they first met at a French school in Libreville, Gabon. They were in the same class and she was a new student sitting in front of him. On the first day, she turned around to ask him a question about the schedule. From that moment on, they became high school sweethearts. During university, they went their separate ways and reconnected for good during the summer of 2015—14 years after their first encounter.

The Domaine de Béronsart in Brussels, Belgium provided the perfect backdrop for Sandrine and Nyam’s magical ceremony surrounded by trees, flowers, and ponds. To literally reflect the beauty of nature, a mirror aisle runner was created and decorated with white roses along each side. All decor accenting the ceremony was refined and minimal to allow the wonderful setting to shine.


The Reception |Sandrine and Nyam’s reception planned and designed by Eliana of Rox-Out took place inside a glass greenhouse where gorgeous trees, palms, vines and calla lilies were used to decorate every corner. The grand celebration included a custom-designed dance floor fit for all 215 guests as well as white and gold furniture for each table.

The Decor | In just three months, Rox-Out brought Sandrine and Nyam’s enchanted garden wedding to life. Alongside embracing all things outdoors, the greenhouse was made luxurious with tall white candelabra centrepieces and metallic gold accents with the chairs and tableware. At the end of the day, guests were gifted with adorable pineapple frames with their names inside.

Event planner: Rox-Out