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Why Getting Married In Italy Is Becoming Popular

planning a wedding in italy
planning a wedding in italy

“There is no lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company other than a good marriage.” – Martin Luther.

Italy is among the most romantic countries in the world. The majestic landscape, tranquil mountains, and breathtaking islands all add to the love- turning this place into a dream wedding location.

But that’s not it! Getting married in Italy has numerous other benefits many Americans don’t know about. The first and most obvious perk is the opportunity to obtain Italian citizenship by marriage.

planning a wedding in italy

As you might already know, Italian Citizenship by Descent is very trending among American Citizens; however, one can attain similar benefits by getting married to an Italian citizen. Of course, you need assistance from a qualified immigration lawyer to ensure a smooth citizenship process.

That’s that; let’s go into details of other perks.

planning a wedding in italy
planning a wedding in italy

Mesmerizing Venues And Locations

The wedding theme is essential in deciding the location and venue for your big day. And the good news is Italy can cater to your planning requirements.

Need a Boho theme wedding?… Book countryside villas, or visit the beautiful islands.

Need a small and exclusive event without interruptions?… Go for century-old villas near the seashores.

Need a rustic wedding?… Use your garden or visit the church.

The options here are endless. So, you can select from a wide range of venues to turn your special day extraordinary.

planning a wedding in italy

Exciting Wedding Traditions

Italian traditions are deeply ingrained in their celebration ceremonies. Unlike American weddings, the Italian wedding tradition begins a few days before the wedding and continues even after exchanging vows.

Some of the popular traditions include:

  • No pre-wedding glimpse: The bride and groom can’t see or meet each other before the wedding.
  • No whites: Except for the bride, nobody else is allowed to wear white.
  • Breaking glass: After the wedding, the bride and groom break a glass vase to prolong their marriage.
  • Bridal bouquet: Groom purchases a bridal bouquet and hands it over to the bride before she walks down the aisle.

All these and many more traditions make Italian weddings fun and exciting. Moreover, each customer helps bring the bride and groom closer and is a sign of healthy marriage.

Enormous Wedding Rewards

Last but not least, guests offer monetary gifts to the bride. She carries a satin bag for guests to offer money as a blessing. In addition, the local authorities also provide cash rewards for couples getting married in Italy.

Yes, you read it right! The reason behind these rewards by Italian regions is to boost the country’s tourism, which took a downward turn due to the pandemic. Of course, you need to consult the proper authorities to know how much reward you can avail. Nevertheless, it will help offset the wedding cost, so you can even plan your big day in a lavish style.

planning a wedding in italy

Wrapping It All Up

Whether you are planning a destination wedding in Italy or getting married to an Italian citizen, we hope this short guide helps shed some light on its popularity among Americans. Nevertheless, getting married to the love of your life is a significant step that’ll bring several changes to your lifestyle. So, you must be well-prepared for “d-day.”