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How to incorporate nature into your proposal

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With endless possibilities available, it can seem impossible to know where to even start with planning your proposal. However, for some couples, ensuring nature is involved in some form is a prerequisite. Though this may take slightly more planning, popping the question in a natural setting could make for the magical proposal your partner has always dreamed of.

wedding proposal using nature as your backdrop

There are many factors to consider when planning your outdoor proposal, from weather to accessibility, to interference from other people. However, by taking the time to carefully plan out the perfect proposal, you can be sure to pull off a magical moment whatever the circumstances. Here are four things you will need to consider in advance of the all-important moment.

finding the perfect nature backdrop to propose
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Besides choosing the ring, finding the perfect location to commit yourselves to one another is one of the most important responsibilities of the whole process. Instead of burdening yourself with decorating responsibilities, let Mother Nature do all the hard work and utilize the beauty of the great outdoors.

It could be a location that is meaningful to you both, or simply somewhere you’ve always talked about visiting. Carefully choosing a location that is special to you both will make the proposal even more unique and sincere.

wedding proposal using nature as your backdrop

Natural ring box

With couples always seeking more elaborate ways to pop the question, many retailers now offer unique nature-themed boxes to store the ring. For example, for your perfect beach proposal, consider purchasing a box designed like a seashell to give your partner the ultimate surprise.

Whether you strategically place the shell and ‘magically’ stumble across it, or you have it in your possession beforehand, opening up a seashell to reveal the ring is the stuff of fairytales. Alternatively, forgo the box altogether and place the ring in a completely natural holder, such as a rose or plant growing in your favourite garden. Just make sure to remember where you’ve left it and don’t leave it for too long!

wedding proposal using nature as your backdrop diamond ring in a box


Do away with the tangled-up fairy lights and candles, and leave the lighting down to Mother Nature. The sun can be your best friend when it comes to creating a romantic scene worthy of the proposal of your dreams. Consider your timings, and see if you can incorporate a breathtaking sunrise or sunset into your plans.

To get the very most out of your sunset proposal, your location will have to be complementary to the lighting. For instance, a crowded cityscape with lots of people may not make for the most romantic backdrop. Instead, find an elevated spot with a clear horizon to provide the best sunset views. Just be sure to check the timings on your phone so you don’t miss the perfect moment!

wedding proposal using nature as your backdrop


There are endless ways you can present the ring to your soon-to-be fiancé in a natural setting. If you are a walking enthusiast, plan a hike to one of your favourite spots. Once you reach the summit, instead of just rewarding yourselves with your favourite view, make it even more special and reveal the ring.

Alternatively, for the even more adventurous duo, take a snorkeling or scuba diving trip at your favourite coastal destination. Whilst this method certainly has far more jeopardy attached to it, you can’t say they won’t be surprised!

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