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Why You Should Buy This Luxury Eyeglasses For A Summer Wedding

luxury eyeglasses

Talk about summer, and the mind screams festivities; the warm sun is perfect for merrymaking. And, it’s during this season that most people in love tie the knot. If you settle for a summer wedding, you don’t want to miss luxury eyeglasses in your list of accessories. Here are nine reasons why:

luxury eye glasses for your wedding day

1. Status Symbol

Luxury eyeglasses undoubtedly speak of your high social and economic standing. Consider the amount of money you’ve used to pull together that wedding ceremony, perhaps in a magnificent suburban garden. By all means, you’re a wealthy bride. And your outfit should reflect this fact. So, on top of your pretty white gown, full makeup, and shining hair, add a pair of sunglasses to complete the look. You’ll look especially classy if you choose high-quality brands, like ic berlin eyeglasses frames. When you go shopping, look for features like screwless hinges, hypoallergenic frames, ultra-lightweight, and no-weld design. Such features make the glasses comfortable on your face and increase the lifespan of the glasses.

2. Cool-Looking

There’s no harm in dressing to impress. Famous people do it, and they get all the admiration from fans. During your wedding, dozens of your acquaintances will show up. By wearing luxury eyeglasses, you make a clear statement that you have a deep sense of fashion. And who doesn’t like to associate with fashionable people?

3. UV Protection

The summer sun shines without apology. If you expose your eyes to the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun for a long time, you risk developing cataracts. Remember, you’ll spend almost the whole day outdoors for the main ceremony and photoshoot. By wearing polarized eyeglasses, you significantly reduce the risk of vision damage.

eyeglasses for your wedding

4. Debris Shield

If it’s windy around your wedding venue and the neighborhood has loose soil, the air is likely to have flying debris. You won’t like it if the tiniest speck enters your eyes. You might end up with teary and painful eyes as you struggle to remove such particles from your eyes. You can protect your eyes by wearing eyeglasses. The lenses block soil, leaves, and other kinds of dirt flying your way. This way, you’ll enjoy every moment of your special day without vision problems.

5. Hide Your Eyes

It’s common for brides to sip a glass or two of champagne on the night before the wedding. After all, it’s a celebration, and wine might be your go-to drink for such moments. However, the hangover is likely to show in your eyes on your wedding day. Don’t let your guests see you that way. Cleverly cover your eyes with luxury glasses and expose only your beautiful smile.

6. Hide Your Tears

Most of the time, weddings can get highly emotional. The fact that your father is finally handing you over to your husband for the rest of your life may make you cry. But you don’t want to show all the attendees your tears. Perhaps you don’t like how you look when crying. Wearing wide-lensed tinted eyeglasses is a good way to hide your eyes from public view.

7. Impression Of A Geek

There’s a notion that glassed people are smart. It’s no wonder that interviewees with spectacles quickly impress hiring managers. You might not be an Engineer currently designing the world’s tallest building or a neurosurgeon separating Siamese twins, but you may want to make that impression of a bright girl. You can achieve this with a cute pair of eyeglasses at your summer wedding.

8. Hike Up The Fun

You certainly want your wedding to be fun-filled. Aside from other tactics, like live music and good food, you can add sunglasses. And not only for you, but for the entire bridal party, and perhaps some guests. Imagine a whole crew of glassed ladies and gentlemen dancing to some popular beat. It sure looks cool. Future viewers of your wedding video will always be in awe of you.

9. Rest From Contacts

Finally, eyeglasses aren’t just a cosmetic accessory. Suppose you usually wear contacts to correct your short or long sight. On your wedding day, contacts may not be a good option because they can dry out and cause you considerable discomfort. The chances of this happening will be high since especially since you’ll be outdoors for the entire day. To rest from the contact lenses without compromising your vision, consider wearing prescription eyeglasses.

To Conclude

As pointed by the nine reasons above, there are numerous reasons to wear luxury eyeglasses for a summer wedding. So, grab a pair from a popular brand of your choice and let your light shine.