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How To Make Your Wedding Memorable For Guests

How To Make Your Wedding Memorable For Guests

Every part of your wedding can be customized with these handy StickerYou labels

You’ve probably been thinking about your wedding day since you read your first book of fairy tales. It’s important for you to have the most magical day possible, but don’t forget about another important element of your wedding, the guests! Your wedding guests are going to be comprised of your most valued friends and family members, so it’s important that your special day is not only enjoyable but memorable for them as well. Here a few easy wedding ideas to make sure everyone at your wedding has the most memorable time.

Reimagine the Guest Book

Do you remember every wedding guest book you’ve signed? How about the wedding where you signed a champagne bottle instead? Gone are the days of the traditional guest book, as they’re not that innovative and can be cumbersome for the newlyweds to carry home later. Switch up your guest book to match your theme or your shared personal interests. A huge bottle (or multiple smaller bottles) of wine or champagne can be easily signed with metallic permanent markers (and you can save the contents for a landmark anniversary). Puzzle pieces, musical instruments, or home decor items like picture frames all make for uniquely memorable and functional guest books.

Wedding Favour Labels

Wedding favours are a supremely memorable way of capping off a wedding. Everyone loves to take souvenirs home, and things like candy buffets and adult hot chocolate kits are a fun way of doing it. However, like most packages without proper branding, they won’t be the most memorable. Create customized Wedding Favour Labels to match your wedding’s theme or colour scheme and incorporate your monograms and wedding date. This is an easy way to make wedding favours a signature memento that wedding guests will want to hold onto.

Replace the Rice Toss

Tossing rice at the newlyweds as they walk arm in arm for the first time as a married couple is a century’s old tradition. Because it’s so expected nowadays, it might not be the most memorable part of your wedding. Luckily there are many unique rice-alternatives that your guests might not expect. For an outdoor wedding, supply your guests with mini bottles of bubbles to blow over the couple. Sparklers also make for an unexpected outdoor alternative to rice. For an indoor or winter wedding, outfit your guests with sachets of dried lavender or colour coordinated pom-poms. Not only are these alternatives way more memorable than rice, they also make for stunning wedding photos.

Thank You Stickers

A little gesture of thanks can go a long way. Showing gratitude is always memorable and a great way to let your guests know how much their attendance means to you. Make sending thank you gifts or cards easier by customizing Thank You Stickers online so you can make every show of thanks personal and memorable. Got some great candid shots of your guests? Put a Thank You sticker on the back of prints or front of polaroids. This way your guest’s memory of your special day will be sure to stick.

How To Make Your Wedding Memorable For Guests

How To Make Your Wedding Memorable For Guests

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