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Personalized Wedding Favours

Personalized wedding favors, or bonbonnieres, are a thank you gesture from the bride and groom to their guests. This customary offering of unique trinkets filled with originality and symbolism has been around for ages. In many places around the world, these items are selected based on the color scheme, a particular theme, or on some aspect that characterizes the couple. They are usually presented in a decorative box or wrapping that includes sugared almonds. These are also filled with good karma. The five almonds that are wrapped in tulle represent wishes: fertility, long life, wealth, health, and happiness. When making your selection of wedding favors, you can pick just about anything. Shot glasses, wine glasses, picture frames are useful and attractive as well. Other gifts include monogrammed bottle stoppers or wine bottles with your initials. Some gifts even include a picture of the couple, and/or the wedding date. Say thank you in your very own unique way!


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