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How To Plan A Beautiful Wedding

how to plan a wedding bride

Planning A Wedding

Create, imagine, and dream of all the details that will make you plan the wedding of your dreams.

Be fun, be traditional – have it all. Selecting the right wedding venue is a very significant feat. 

Along with the responsibility of choosing a location that is beautiful, convenient for your guests, and spacious enough to put on the party of your dreams, you must decide on the catering, décor, and many more technicalities. 

Besides that, you want to personalize that space and add touches that will remain unforgettable and uniquely your own. If you wish to jazz up your venue with extra lighting or glittery crystal backdrops or you want to add a little je ne sais quoi to your sweet table, here are some fun and creative ideas to help you along the way.

White Orchid Wedding Decor
Black Wedding Table Settings

Create A Picture Corner

A picture is worth a thousand words, so why not create a picture corner for your priceless memories. Ask your wedding planner or décor specialist to create a special corner, apart from the main reception hall, where guests can mingle and gather to take pictures. This lounge area may include flower arrangements or an ornamental backdrop. It can feature colored lighting to set a specific ambiance or set the stage for your theme. Imagine a scene out of a movie from the roaring 20s, complete with a backlit bar and flapper-style décor. 

Colourful Wedding Flowers

Be traditional

The traditional bride and groom may opt to emphasize more on the customary element of marriage. You may include a pamphlet during the ceremony to inform guests of the various rituals that will take place during the night and the meaning behind each activity. Suppose you plan or wear a traditional gown during the ceremony and change into something trendy for the reception. In that case, you can explain the ceremonious garb and explain how it was essential to your tradition. Weddings allow you to explore the beauty and history of ancient traditions and contemporary customs. Embrace the beauty of the past and its significant role in your future weddings.


Have you ever dreamed of signature treats? Why not offer your guests sweets that will keep them coming back for more. Interesting treats such as an ice-cream bar are a great refreshing way to end the night. Some couples include a food truck and their sweet table to offer guests late-night treats like cookies, donuts, or other sweets. Alternatively, you can serve mini burgers, gourmet poutine, or smoked meat. Any treat you decide on is a welcome component to your extraordinary reception.

Fun Elements

Include an Animator on your wedding day. This professional will be in charge of entertaining the youngsters or adults. Some couples have an animator to play games with children at the wedding. In contrast, others like to include extra entertainment for adults in the form of games, dance competitions, or other fun activities.

wedding dessert
Popsicle Wedding Ideas
Pink and Gold Mini Cupcakes

Creative Seating Charts

Use your imagination to create imaginative guest seating charts. They are a great way to tie in your theme and show your unique style. Your escort cards or seating chart may be romantic, humorous, or trendy. Use pretty calligraphy, bold colors, or delicate designs to showcase your flair. You can use a chalkboard; decorate a windowpane, or use ornate picture frames. Seating cards can be hung from a tree’s branches or strung on a clothesline with fanciful clips. 

seating chart
gold and white seating chart
mirror seating chart
pink seating chart
plexi glass seating chart
gorgeous seating chart
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