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tips on planning a second wedding

From the moment you met, to the moment that you say “I do” can still feel like a fairytale.

second wedding tips and ideas

Simply because this is your second time down the aisle, doesn’t mean that it can’t be just as spectacular!

1. Simple is the new elegant

In the case of second marriages, the cost is often a major contributing factor to the wedding style. The good news is that your wedding can be simple and easy on the pocketbook while still maintaining grace, beauty, and sophistication. By ordering flowers in season, utilizing low-cost greenery, and romantic lighting, you can transform your location for a fraction of the cost.

second wedding ceremony tips
tips on planning a second wedding ceremony

2. Use a wedding coordinator

Couples planning second weddings have substantial time demands and work constraints, and using a reputable wedding coordinator can virtually eliminate the strain of your wedding. While you are drawing up paperwork at the office or watching your favorite show in the evening, your wedding coordinator works hard to make your wedding perfect. As a bonus, wedding planners are often networked in the community and can offer great ideas on wedding locations, flowers, catering, photography studios, and much more. Since a wedding coordinator is generally responsible for handling all of the weddings’ ins and outs, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your day.

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3. Throw tradition out the window

Planning a wedding is hard work, and if this is your second time around, it may feel too much to handle. Don’t succumb to pressure from yourself, your family, or your in-laws. Wear a white wedding dress or that teal blue sparkle dress you have had your eye on for months. Let your fourteen-year-old son be the best man, or your 16-month-old girl be the flower girl. Don’t worry if she eats more of the flowers than she throws, has fun, and remember to smile! The ceremony may only last for a day, but the memories will last for a lifetime.

blue wedding dress

4. Be Our Guest

There is no limit on how many people to invite to a second wedding. Unless your parents pay for the whole wedding, most couples put their names first on the invitation. Couples with children may want to include their names on the wedding invitation. This is a great way to include the whole family to the joyous occasion. You can also assign them special duties like handing out the program or wedding toss favors


While planning your second wedding, don’t forget to relax and let the pressure out. Your friends and family are there to encourage you and assist you, so find ways to include them in the preparations. Have confidence in yourself, your fiancé, and the love that you share. If you remember this, your day will be perfect regardless of the imperfections.

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