Wedding Dresses


Colourful Bridal Accessories, Necklaces, Bracelets

Colour bridal accessories are at the height of romantic allure; they continue to influence the wedding ritual. In the ancient times, when fabrics were hand spun, the quality of the material showed off the royal status of a person. Blue was considered to be the colour of fortune, faithfulness and prosperity. Perhaps this is why it’s resurgence in the wedding scene is so natural.  Other bright colours have their roots from ancient traditions and are still used today. Indian and Asian brides wear gold and red to symbolize luck and prosperity. This amalgamation of cultures, customs and haute couture has brought the wedding gown to its ultimate beauty.



Photographed: George Paatashvili /Studio 2000 | Hair & Makeup: Melissa Andre – Celebrate Beauty | Location: Thompson Toronto Hotel Stylist: Charlotte Carson, Judy Inc | Assistant Stylist: Luisa Barbiero | Gown available at: Valencienne Bridal Design | Necklaces: Carole Tanenbaum Vintage Collection | Headdress: Jennifer Behr, White, Toronto| Rings: Rita Tesolin