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Why A Rooftop Venue Is Perfect For An Intimate Wedding

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Congratulations on your engagement! You’re probably reading this article because you’re planning a wedding. You may also be researching an excellent venue for your wedding and are wondering if a rooftop venue is ideal for an intimate wedding. In that case, you’re at the right place. And yes, a rooftop is a perfect venue for an intimate wedding. A rooftop venue is one of the perfect venues for an intimate wedding. It provides privacy and doesn’t allow disturbances or disruptions. Unlike holding a wedding in a public garden, church, or park, there are no chances of strangers accessing your wedding venue due to strict restrictions.

Learn more about why a rooftop venue is exceptional for intimate weddings.

Improved Privacy

The first benefit of rooftop wedding venues is you get to enjoy improved privacy in the middle of the city. Holding your wedding on a rooftop ensures no stranger or uninvited gets to access your ceremony due to restrictions. In such a venue, you exchange your vows without distractions or noise disturbances, guaranteeing an intimate wedding ceremony.

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Fewer Guests

Gone are the days when people invited hundreds of guests to their weddings. Wedding ceremonies are considered private affairs that only a few guests can witness. Weddings have become so intimate that some people only invite several witnesses. If that’s your plan, a rooftop venue is perfect for your wedding.  Many rooftops are limited in size. Once the decorations are installed, the area even reduces further. In such a case, you can only invite as few guests as possible. If you need more people to celebrate with you, consider booking a larger area for the after-vows party.

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Exceptional Skyline View

If you look forward to experiencing a beautiful, exceptional skyline view when exchanging vows, opt for a rooftop venue. Here, you’ll enjoy the city’s view from an eagle’s perspective. Suppose there’s an ocean near the town. You’ll enjoy its magnificent view on the most important day. Remember how it feels when you’re wrapped around your better half’s arms while watching the stars at night? That’s precisely what the skyline from a rooftop makes you feel!

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An overcrowded area means a lack of intimacy and vice versa. As earlier stated, a rooftop wedding venue may only allow you to invite a few guests; hence, it promotes intimacy. Such a venue is only enough for people close to you, those you wouldn’t mind getting cozy with your better half in their presence. A wedding day is among the most important days in one’s life. You should, therefore, make it memorable in all ways possible. That said, settle for a venue promoting intimacy because that’s what the day is about.

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Holding a wedding on a rooftop is also budget-friendly. First, you don’t invite too many guests; hence, you don’t have to worry about hiring many chairs. You also spend less on food since you budget food for several guests. Lastly, rooftops are likely to rent fairly compared to public halls or fields. This venue will likely go for half the price compared to others. Generally, a rooftop wedding value is ideal for couples who want an intimate yet budget-friendly wedding.

Outstanding Photos

Weddings are special and should be memorable. And what better way to create your wedding day memory than taking photos and videos? However, these photos should be clear and high-quality to tell the story for many years. Luckily, if you choose a rooftop venue, you have nothing to worry about regarding photo quality. This area receives all the natural light it needs to enhance the picture’s quality. Suppose you hold the wedding at night. The stars, moon, lighting, and glittering water from the fountain provide an impressive background. A rooftop venue lets the photographer capture every detail clearly for a long-lasting memory.

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Rooftop Venues Are Fun

So long as it’s not rainy and the weather is fine, you’ll have all the fun you want. You’ll enjoy the sunset and a wedding party under the stars. According to many, holding a rooftop wedding equals taking fun to a higher level.   An intimate wedding is all about inviting a few close people and having fun. You don’t shy away from getting wild with your spouse when there are no strangers or too many people at your wedding. If this is what you’re looking forward to, consider settling for a rooftop venue.


Weddings are among the most important days in one’s life; hence, the reason to make this day as memorable and unique as possible. Fortunately, there are many ways to make your wedding day one-of-a-kind. Choosing a unique venue is one way to make a wedding day special. You can do away with choosing typical venues like parks and settle for a rooftop. A rooftop venue is unique, budget-friendly, and provides a beautiful view. More importantly, with only a few guests, a rooftop venue will give you the precious and intimate wedding you’ve always dreamed of!