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Engagement Rings Fit for Royalty

Your wedding day should be just that — yours. It should be the day that you feel like a queen. Fostering a royal vibe on your wedding day starts with your engagement ring. That’s why it’s essential to get it right.

Whether you’re the bride-to-be or the lucky partner of a woman who’s expressed their goal of feeling like royalty on your wedding day, you’re in luck. Here are the top royalty-inspired engagement rings in 2020, plus some real-life examples, to help you guarantee that your wedding day is a regal affair.

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Princess-Cut Diamonds

What could be more royal than a princess-cut diamond? Though the name of this cut doesn’t actually have royal roots, it’s one of the most popular choices for engagement rings. It’s not difficult to see why. With a square shape and a cut that makes the interior of the diamond look like an inverted pyramid, it’s a simply stunning choice.

A princess engagement ring is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to marry simplicity and style with just a dash of regal. Not to mention, as it has remained one of the most popular diamond cuts for many decades, this cut has graced the fingers of many celebrities, so you’ll be in great company!

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Halo Settings

Surrounding a precious stone with more slightly smaller precious stones is the essence of the halo setting. In short, it’s a setting whose philosophy stems from the idea “the more, the merrier”. That said, halo settings aren’t gaudy or too conspicuous.

When done well, a halo ring setting can not only enhance the size of a stone but can also enhance its appearance. Having a series of small stones, usually diamonds, surrounding a larger main stone draws the eye to the center, and keeps it there, regardless of its cut or shape.

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Pavé Settings

Why should the center stone get all the attention? Luckily, with a pavé engagement ring, that’s not the case. The pavé setting encrusts your ring with diamonds or any other stone you’d like. It’s an ideal choice for anyone who wants their ring to be anything but boring. Fittingly, this district setting has been popular among the royals.

Not to mention, this setting is incredibly versatile. Using micro-pavé diamonds, you ensure a clean and sophisticated look for your ring. It doesn’t matter what stone, metal, or setting that you choose, when the pavé is done right, it always adds a touch of flair and elegance.

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Famous Royal Engagement Rings

If you’re looking to pull off the perfect royal-wedding vibes, then these are the real-life royal engagement rings that you need to study. Though you may not be able to emulate the size of these stones, you’ll definitely be able to mimic the style. Here are some of the most famous royal engagement rings in history.

  • Meghan Markle’s Cushion-Cut Diamond: This 3-carat cushion-cut diamond is flanked by a round brilliant diamond on each side and set in a micro-pave yellow gold band.
  • Princess Diana’s Oval Sapphire: Arguably the most famous engagement ring in modern times this 12-carat Ceylon sapphire ring features a halo of 14 solitaire diamonds set in a thin white gold band.
  • Grace Kelly’s Emerald-cut Diamond: A massive 47-carat diamond paired with baguette-cut diamonds on either side and set on a platinum band.


For those who have been dreaming of being the star of their own royal wedding, there’s no need to marry an actual royal. Making your wedding day your own starts with a unique engagement ring. Taking inspiration from past incredible royal engagement rings can help you achieve your royal wedding goals!

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