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Summer Wedding Invitation Ideas You Don’t Want to Miss

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It’s officially summer in Canada! Perfect time of the year to have an outdoor wedding, with a bit of warm weather, sunlight, and blooming flowers in the surroundings. Lots of weddings are happening in September, but if you’re not ready for some bride-wars, choosing a date in August or October will give you much more convenience in choosing your dream wedding vendors. And just for you to know, we love summer weddings too! The reason is simple; it’s the freedom to be creative because summer is just full of festivities, that every corner of the city is a perfect place to get married. From vineyard weddings to coastal seaside weddings, everything can happen in the summertime. Now to get you even more inspired, let’s get to the list below of our favourite summer wedding invitations.

Summer Floral Wedding Invitations

You can’t spell summer without flowers! It’s literally everywhere you go since it is the blooming season. Therefore, incorporating a touch of summer by adding flower elements is a quick shortcut to perfect summer wedding invites. Consult with your favourite wedding bouquet vendor about the flower of your wedding and get matching wedding invitations. This Summer Breeze invitation feature a vibrant colour palette from the flowers and a contrasting grey background which balances each other out. Available in digital printing, the best option for budget savvy.

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Summer Breeze by Shab M.

Tropical Wedding Invitations

Another reason why we love summer is that flowers are not the only ones blooming, but trees and greeneries too! You can never find those perfect green shades in other seasons. We’ve noticed that forest and sage green have crawled up to the list of all-time-favourite wedding colours in the past few years. These colours go perfectly with modern writings and a touch of foil in colour that you like, as you can see in our Tropical Botanical design. One tip to level up your wedding stationery is by incorporating die-cut shapes.

paperlust wedding invitations

Weddings by the Bay

Sandy toes, wind in your hair, and warm sunshine all around, yes it’s a calling for all seaside weddings fans! We love putting hints of the wedding day on the stationery just like how this invitation design has brush strokes in the background representing everyone’s favourite beach. Combined with modern writings and gold foil, this design is the perfect definition of modern seaside wedding invitations.

paperlust wedding invitations

Beach Summer Wedding Invitations

If you’re looking for something a bit more casual and fun but still need that beachy vibes on it, you can incorporate geometric colours and playful serif font to achieve that groovy look. We’ve been experimenting with various shapes, and we think a wavy diecut looks best with beach wedding invitations. Have a look at this Groovy Waves design that is pretty much self-explanatory, so you don’t have to be too busy giving hints.

paperlust wedding invitations

Modern Flower Wedding Invitations

Now let’s get to the moment where your wedding takes place just between the two most favourite seasons of all time, summer and fall. It is when the leaves turn dark green and brown, and flowers look like they are missing their vibrant. So how do you go with mixing those two seasons into your wedding invitations? Our answer is to complement your overall design by using alternating paper types. In this Flora design by Shab M, we chose this brown kraft paper to achieve a recycled and “dried” look to represent the fall season. On the main invitations, we incorporate a mix of fresh and dried flowers to enhance the look while keeping it simple and sweet.

Flora by Shab M.

Autumn Wedding Invitations

If you are too late for a summer wedding but still want the vibes, hesitant no more because we saved this one for you. For an (almost) autumn wedding, we recommend incorporating your favourite colour of the flowers and combining it with dried leaves to enhance the entire look. This Violet Fall design is simply perfect for the romantic season. We decided not to use too many flashy elements like foil or metallic ink with this design, but instead, we levelled up the print result by using a premium 300 gsm Cotton paper which has a real cotton texture on it and is very pleasing to touch.

One thing we know is weddings are magical. It doesn’t matter where and when or in which season your wedding is happening, what matters is the indescribable feelings the moment when you and your partner say “I do”. We believe every single wedding is special, and there is always a perfect wedding invitation for each. Paperlust has more than 500 design sets to choose from, and if you hardly find something that best represents your wedding style, you can always request a custom design created by our professional designer.

Paperlust ships our products worldwide (free shipping for orders over USD300). With our online customisation tool, you can create your own invitations from our design selection and place your order straight from where you sit in just a few clicks. Have a chat with their customer service representatives to discuss your wedding invitations today.

paperlust wedding invitations