Real Weddings



“Albert and I met at the last outing of frosh week during our undergraduate program at Victoria College, University of Toronto,” said Marianne. “Albert had blown off the first part of frosh week to go to Montreal with a friend and I almost didn’t go to the pub that night. But, I decided I better make an effort to meet more people, so I went. Up until then I was discouraged that there were no good-looking prospects. However, that changed when I saw Albert and sat at his table at the pub. As it turned out, he lived in the same residence on campus as I did, only one floor up. It was fate.”

The two started dating quickly thereafter and have been together ever since.  “I think we both knew right from the beginning that we would get married at some point but it was no rush—we knew we would be together forever.”

When asked about the proposal, Marianne explained: “There was no real proposal.”

Albert’s parents offered to have a wedding for them in Taiwan, but the bride had always dreamed of an Ontario winter wedding. Therefore, the couple knew that they would have two weddings—one in Taiwan and one in Ontario.  And so, their love story included a wedding in Taiwan on May 7  and May 8, 2011.

The Canadian wedding took place on February 23, 2013. “They were one of the most interesting and unique couples I have had the pleasure of photographing,” said photographer Johnathan Ball.  He described the details of this magnificent wedding: “I remember being skeptical about shooting a wedding in Muskoka in February. The weather is always such an unknown, however the couple decided to take the chance and we were all rewarded!” The wedding was exquisite and picturesque. The beautiful bride exuded warmth and radiance before the crisp winter backdrop. From the white fur collar and mitts, the brown fur caplet, and the custom-designed earring that featured delicate snowflakes, the winter theme was maintained throughout the entire charming wedding.

The weather on the lake was a crisp two degrees and the snow was lightly falling throughout the day.  “I was never really cold, and neither were Marianne and Albert. We had our time on the lake and then when the snow picked up we went back to the Inn. The Inn was warm and rustic. The décor was classic and timeless and the mood was very loving.  It was my pleasure to be their photographer,” said Ball.


Photography: Westend Studio | Wedding Venue: Sherwood Inn | Bridal Boutique: Becker’s Bridal and Formal | Jewellery/Rings: Hake Jewellers (rings) and Adriana McNeely (earrings) | Décor/Linens: Centrepieces by Bride and Mother of the Bride, Mary Craig | Florist: Acorn Flower Shoppe | Hair & Makeup: Whonda Barclay of Rapunzel Hair and Josée Worne | Invitations/Stationery: Simple Wishes, with artwork by Mother of the Bride, Mary Craig | Entertainment: Paganini Strings and Shawn Steinhart Band