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Top 5 Tips to Draft the Perfect Wedding Budget

planning a wedding with a budget

In planning a wedding, there are horde costs that go into it. Some of them are unanticipated. For instance, you need to pick a caterer, a venue, a caterer, a flower specialist, and maybe a DJ or band.  Whether it’s a small budget or a glamorous wedding, setting up and adhering to a budget is perhaps the best wedding gift you can give yourself as a couple. 

Learn how to create a perfect wedding budget.

Top 5 Tips to Draft the Perfect Wedding Budget

Effective Ways to Plan a Great Wedding Budget

Planning a wedding requires a lot of patience and effort. However, below are good tips that will help you plan a perfect wedding budget:

Figure out those who will contribute

Begin by brainstorming on who will be paying for the wedding. The old practice that the men folks should cover the entire bill is no longer matrimonial canon.  Nowadays, both families frequently chip in. If it’s feasible, ask every party involved the amount they can contribute. This will help you ease your primary concern. 

Top 5 Tips to Draft the Perfect Wedding Budget

Budget before shopping 

Make sure, you do little findings of the prices for most of your wedding needs before you make a budget. Guessing the price of your wedding needs will not be helpful either. You can ask a friend who recently wedded where they got some things too.

Also, high inflation can alter the prices of your wedding needs a lot. So do a physical inquiry about your wedding needs. Visit a few wedding shops to get a first-hand idea of what the prices are.

Top 5 Tips to Draft the Perfect Wedding Budget
Top 5 Tips to Draft the Perfect Wedding Budget

Monitor your wedding expenses

Make a Google Doc accounting page or get a notebook to monitor your wedding financial plan. Whenever you sign an agreement or pay for an item, record the amount. 

Usually, a lot of couples don’t record their expenses. knowing how much you have spent in purchasing your wedding items guide you. Besides, you will know the amount left to be spent.

Top 5 Tips to Draft the Perfect Wedding Budget

Organize your budget by percentage 

Since you realize what you are working with, you can now look into how that relates to each piece of your wedding. While there are no rigid standards regarding the amount you ought to spend on every category, there are some guidelines that can help you from veering off course. 

For instance, you don’t want to distribute about half of your budget for band entertainment. You can outline an amount for a nice wedding dress with your budget.

Top 5 Tips to Draft the Perfect Wedding Budget

Be wary of hidden costs

Hidden wedding costs often occur. Indeed, even the easily overlooked details will add up. Always budget at least 5% for miscellaneous funds in case it’s needed. 

Things like a bachelorette party, night-before hotel room, beauty treatments, welcome bags, marriage license, overtime costs, and vendor meals may pose as hidden costs that brides tend to forget to put into the planning.


Planning your wedding ahead of time saves you a lot of stress. Having a budget also helps you track down all necessary expenses. Use the tips above whenever you’re drafting your wedding budget. Finally, you can plan an elopement to Las Vegas if you don’t want something too elaborate with your partner.