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The Top Engagement Ring Trends Going Into the Holiday Season

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The most popular engagement ring trends going into the holiday season

With temperatures dropping and pumpkin spice coffee orders on the rise, the Fall season is definitely here. Which means the 2022 Thanksgiving / Christmas season is right around the corner!

Statistics show that over 1.8 million couples get engaged over the holiday season, which means more than 340,000 people will be engaged in December alone. Could you be one of them this year?

Whether you’ve been talking about getting engaged for quite some time or whether you’re in a new relationship, it’s always a good time to start researching engagement ring trends. After all, your sparkler is likely to be the most exquisite and expensive piece of jewelry you’ll ever own.

We’ve rounded up the most popular engagement ring trends going into the holiday season – you can decide if you want to stick with the classic and timeless solitaire or whether one of the newer trends is more of your liking.

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Vintage Rings

When it comes to finding vintage-inspired engagement rings, these days old fashioned classics are coming back into favor. You can still keep the feel and look of a timeless ring, even if you want something completely unique. These rings give you the chance to show off your personal taste without sacrificing tradition.

Wedding planners say traditional cushion cuts are back! Vintage wedding band designs have seen an astonishing 118 percent spike year-over-year. So if you’re looking for a timeless diamond style, go with one of the most popular options right now.

To create your own personalized engagement ring design, you might want to consider adding a different band, diamond shape, cut, etc. You can also add antique elements to your sparkler by using techniques such as hand engraving, filigrees, and milgraining.

Even relatively modern rings can be called “vintage” if they were made before the year 1990. Four periods that modern vintage styles often draw from are the Victorian era, the Edwardian era, the Art Deco era and the Retro era.

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Hidden Accent Diamonds 

In 2023, you will see more engagement ring designs with extra stones, including hidden halos and accentuated galleries. Hidden gems offer an additional dimension of personal expression for understated yet classic engagement rings. Often paired with solitaires, these accent stones are timeless and contemporary.

Oval Shapes

Oval-cut diamonds have spiked in popularity and are expected to experience further growth into 2023. Their soft, elongated shape draws the eye up towards the hand and lengthens the look of the fingers.

Predictions are that solitaire ovals are on their way back – these feminine-shaped stones have an air of timelessness while being playful and feminine at the same time. And if celebrity trends are any indicator, oval engagement rings are here to stay!

Engagement Ring Trends

Over-the-Top Designs

Upcoming 2023 engagement ring trends are showing big rings with lots of bling! Couples are continuing to look for bold styles, large stones, and halo cuts. In fact, halo engagement rings made an impressive 127 percent jump in sales in 2022.

Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Stacked-Style Rings

Another ring style that has taken over the engagement ring industry is stacked-style rings. Designers allow customers to create unique designs by combining rings together. Stacked rings can also help highlight an existing piece in your ring collection and really make the centre gem stand out.

Some jewelers, such as Brilliant Earth, offer collections that are specifically designed to combine, pair, and layer together for the perfect full-finger effect

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Toi Et Moi

There has been a big increase in celebrities wearing multiple-stone engagement rings lately, and these styles will stick around for at least another year or two. Double and triple stone rings will become increasingly popular, as well as unusual gem and stone combos.

Double stones have become an increasingly popular style for engagement rings because they tell a true story through their visual design. They showcase the relationship between the bride and groom, showing them to be inseparable at every turn.

The timeless symbolism of a Toi Et Moi engagement rings lies not only in its symbolism of togetherness, which is why they’re so popular among couples today, but also because their pairing of different colored gemstones can accentuate each other’s colors. While the three-stone ring dates back centuries, it’s experiencing a recent surge in popularity. According to legend, the three stones represent the Past, Present, and Future for a married couples’ relationship.

Multi-stones rings allow for creativity and individuality and especially as we’re living in a time where uniqueness and artistic expression is valued, Toi et Moi rings do just that.

Learn Your Partner’s Ring Size

Black Diamonds

Couples are opting for unique engagement rings and they’re not just going for the regular diamonds. Black-stones have seen a huge spike in sales in 2022, largely inspired by the Sex and the City reboot. Just the glimpse of Carrie Bradshaw’s rare black diamond ring in that TV series has caused an uptick in sales of black-stone rings.

black diamond

Colored Stones

Couples wanting colored stones for engagement rings are having a moment in 2022 and this trend will continue in 2023. Sapphire, emerald and morganite rings are particularly popular this season.

Colored engagement ring and wedding attire, such as colored wedding gowns, have seen a surge in popularity recently, so it stands to reason that some of the most popular engagement rings purchased in 2022 were non-diamond stones

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Gender Neutral Rings

In recent years, designers have begun experimenting with new ways to make rings more inclusive and appealing to both men and women. Designs have also shifted toward chunkier jewelry options, as celebrities are now opting for larger rings.

As far as ring trends go, dainty rings are definitely still popular as engagement rings but we’re starting to see a shift towards more masculine designs.

Engagement Ring Trends

Getting Ready for the Upcoming Engagement Season

Now that you’re on top of all the engagement ring trends heading into 2023, it’s time to get yourself ready for the upcoming engagement season. Wait – what? Now that you’ve got an idea of the type of ring you want, there’s more work to do? Of course there is! Following along as we give you an overview of how to be ready in all aspects and not just as simple as choosing the ring itself.

Talk About It

Some couples have trouble talking about engagement out loud. If that describes you, don’t worry. There are things you can do to spark conversations and create an honest and empowering engagement. Here are some examples:

  • Don’t be surprised if things take time to get going. Remember that the “engagement talk” doesn’t just happen once; it should be ongoing dialogue.
  • Don’t ask yes/no questions. Instead, ask open-ended questions that allow for discussion. Try to get deeper into the topic rather than just trying to confirm an opinion.

Be aware of your time and the circumstances in your personal life – don’t let yourself fall into the trap of getting engaged just because everyone else is too. You might find yourself getting anxious because you’re not engaged yet. If you let the idea of your upcoming engagement consume you, you’ll end up focusing on the wrong aspects of being engaged, so take a deep breath before you get into this conversation.

Use Social Media to Drop Your Hints

When a proposal seems to be in the near future, you may wonder how to let others know about your ideal engagement ring style. Here are some social media-savvy ways for you to drop some hints:

  • Let your friends and family know what your favorite ring styles are.
  • Create Pinterest boards and Instagram collections and save your favorite ring styles there.
  • Make comments when you see ring styles on celebrities. You can casually mention what bands, stones, and settings you love.

Or Tell It Like It Is

If you’re not good at giving subtle clues, just say it straight up! Tell your partner which style you want to buy, go shopping together, set up a date to get engaged, etc. Your fiancé/fiancée will appreciate knowing exactly what you want.

Engagement Ring Trends

Get Regular Manicures

If you plan to share any photos of your new engagement ring in the next few months, get your nails done regularly! Everyone will be interested in seeing your beautiful ring, but they’ll really appreciate it even more if you’ve got some fabulous looking hands to show it off.

Get Ready to Celebrate the Journey From Your Engagement to Your Wedding Day

Once your partner pops the question and you say “yes!”, you’re going to get so wrapped up in the all the details around planning your wedding that you’ll likely forget to take a moment for yourself and enjoy the journey.

Many newly engaged women are turning to wedding–themed subscription boxes such as the ones from Mrs… At Last!™ as a way to help look after their well-being and to celebrate all the wedding milestones along the way.

Typical boxes include checklists tips & inspiration and 6 or 7 full-sized products which include self-care essentials, wedding day necessities, bachelorette party decor, planning gear…and so much more!

Enjoy Every Moment

Whether you’re going to be engaged soon or whether that’s still some time in the future, the most important thing is to remember to spend quality time with your partner! Don’t get caught up in the process and let anticipation take away from the moment.

Engagement Ring Trends