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Toronto Wedding DJ Services from Del Vinyl Entertainment

Dance the night away with Toronto wedding DJ services from Del Vinyl Entertainment

Brides and grooms looking for authentic wedding DJ services in Toronto needn’t look further than Del Vinyl Entertainment. After looking everywhere for a DJ for his own wedding, Robert “DJ Greedo” Gri decided to start his own business honouring traditional turntable deejaying. Six years later, his mission is to provide couples with the most epic entertainment for the most epic day of their lives. Here we discuss what distinguishes his style and how he caters to music lovers of all kinds.

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Q: In 2013, you started Del Vinyl Entertainment because you searched everywhere for a DJ for your own wedding. How did you go about starting it? What experience do you have?

A: In 2013 I took a leap of faith and decided to go for what I’m truly supposed to be doing and it gets better every year! My experience ranges from hundreds of weddings to Friday Night Live at The ROM, DMC World DJ Championship competitions and Startup Fashion Week (SFW) in Toronto three years in a row. I’m passionate about what I bring to the table and hate to see couples end up with someone who isn’t great.

Q: What sets you apart from other wedding DJ’s in Toronto? What’s your style?

A: You get the best of both worlds with Del Vinyl Entertainment. We provide a combination of top-tier club vinyl style with sophisticated and experienced wedding DJ services. Our selection and creative mixing is really what sets Del Vinyl apart.

Q: Other than deejaying, what other services/equipment do you provide for weddings? Do you act as the emcee? Do you work alone or with assistants?

A: One of the main things our company offers is performances with music videos. The ability to add a lively presence and bring people back visually is what really hits home. All weddings are provided with a DJ and an assistant DJ, so that we are always a two-person team. While most couple’s we work with provide the MC, we tend to introduce the bridal party, host throughout the evening and finish the party. Some weddings don’t have hosts so we take the initiative to do a few announcements, it all depends on how detailed the wedding is.

Q: How does the process work for a bride and groom? Can they customize their playlist or do they choose from a series of playlists? Do you take requests the night of?

A: What we do is meet three weeks prior to the wedding to finalize the details in our company entertainment agenda. All couples receive an online playlist suggestion system for all guests attending. I tell couples to each give me a top 10 must-play list (or more depending) along with what genres, styles and decades they want to hear and not hear. We have helpful playlists in our system. Once the couple tells us what they like with examples, we know what to play and when to play it. That’s our job and we do it intuitively. As for requests, if it fits with what the couple wants and makes sense, then we absolutely take them the day of.

Q: Lastly, what kind of atmosphere do you aim to create at wedding with your music?

A: Fun, original and tasteful!

Toronto Wedding DJ Services from Del Vinyl Entertainment

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