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10 Ways To Transform Your Wedding Reception

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We all want a unique and beautiful wedding reception. 

An afterparty that truly reflects you and your new spouse – the best celebration of your oh-so-recent union. Read on to find out ways to make your reception something to remember.

Magical Lighting

Lighting is essential! Not only is it necessary for decent photos, but it can also play a huge role in setting the tone for your afterparty. Try twinkling fairy lights strung up on the walls and ceilings for a romantic, ‘under the stars’ evening, or opt for grand chandeliers for a touch of luxury.

how to plan a wedding reception
planning a wedding reception with lights
wedding reception with hanging lights for a reception

Personalize your space

Use freestanding drapes, venue-lighting, or even a complete marquee to easily and affordably change the interior of your chosen venue should you so wish. Doing this can quite literally transform your wedding reception, and help you to create whichever kind of vibe you want. White drapes can create a breezy, heavenly feel, while warmer, bolder colors can make a venue seem cozier.

wedding drapes for your wedding reception

Signature drink upon entry

This will certainly transform your reception! Welcome your guests to your reception with a signature drink that has a tag with their name and table number on it and a decorated cocktail stick. This is a fun, boozy way of getting the party started.

signature drink for a wedding reception
signature cocktail drink for your wedding

Take Care Of The Kids

Unhappy kids make for unhappy parents, so why not consider hiring a babysitter or two and dedicating a room for the children to play, eat, watch TV, or even nap in? That way, the parents can have one too many drinks and can pop by to check on their little ones at any moment. It’s a win-win for parents and kids who’d rather be watching Frozen and eating fish fingers than listening to various toasts and eating h’ors dœuvres.

Interactive stations

These could be anything you like, from a pick and mix sweet stand to a floral arrangement cart where guests can create their own mini bouquets or even corsages – or even a DIY cocktail bar! An interactive experience will add an engaging element to your reception and get guests off their feet and involved in your big day.

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Go Wild With Flowers

Flowers play a huge role in most weddings, so why not opt for a more unusual approach to bouquets, decorations, and table arrangements? Go for multi-colored bouquets and a variety of different flowers, adorned with plenty of natural foliage, to emulate a wildflower, overgrown garden vibe. With draping greens and bright blooming flowers, your flowers can transform your space from another village hall to a floral wonderland.

Luxury Blush Wedding Table Setting

Create a focal point and vignettes

Whether it’s an archway or backdrop behind the happy couple’s seats, a grand floral arrangement, or a wall of twinkling fairy lights, create a beautiful feature point that really exemplifies the theme of your wedding. This spot can be used to take beautiful photos and it will truly transform your space, as will a few small stylish vignettes.

Greenery Staircase Decor

Embrace Color

Can’t decide on a color theme? Why not try them all? Go with the infuriatingly chic mismatched theme by including crockery, glasses, and table runners of different but complementary bold colors, patterns, and tones. This will work particularly well if it’s combined with a vintage theme, allowing you to incorporate some unique and memorable objects into the look. It shouldn’t work, but it just does.

Red and Pink Wedding Centrepieces
Bright Pink Wedding Reception
Burgundy Bridal Bouquets

Fun furniture

When it’s midnight and your guests have been dancing their socks off for hours, do you want them stuck slumped over their wooden chairs? Add a touch of comfort with sofas, armchairs, and nooks created to provide somewhere for guests to comfortably lounge.

White and Gold Wedding Lounge
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