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Trendsetting Picture-Perfect Outdoor Wedding Decorations

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A wedding is a life-changing event. So, choosing the perfect venue seems just right for every couple. If the idea is to create a memorable and unforgettable event for yourself and everyone attending the wedding. You need to take care of everything, including the details. Every bit counts, be it the theme, decor, setting, the arrangement, it takes a fairytale wedding to make it a perfect wedding. The stress is real! But, what if there’s one mind-blowing solution to it?

Picture-Perfect Outdoor Wedding Decorations wedding ceremony

Beautiful Wedding Decor Ideas That Tempt You To Walk Down The Aisle This Year

 To have a beautiful venue, choose an outdoor venue and decorate it with the year’s trend.  Do this, and you have it all – a perfect wedding and a trendsetter no one can stop talking about.  The bright blue sky, the greenery, the enchanting decor, and the aesthetics will brighten the mood and also, mesmerize everyone who’s a part of your special day. So, if you’ve taken this as your cue for a perfect outdoor wedding, I’ve come up with an exciting list of outdoor wedding decor ideas that might interest you.  Do remember, the natural lighting of the outdoor venue will capture your special moments at their best. So, that extra outdoor budget will definitely seem worth it.  Anyway, the trendsetters you must go for this year are:

Picture-Perfect Outdoor Wedding Decorations ceremony
bride and groom in a garden wedding theme

1. The Poetic Garden Wedding

Bridal queens are in love with Garden weddings for this spring and summer wedding season. This wedding trend of 2022 might be retro but creating a whimsical holiday decor with the open-air setting is bang on even today. Engulfed in mother nature’s beauty, garden wedding decor can be made appealing with little imagination. To begin with, transform your outdoor space by adding floral decor, fill the gardens with lively palms, floral arches, hanging flowers, etc. Do not miss adding seating detailing with bouquets and perfect the setting with romantic lighting. Right from the entrances, have floral arches of ivy. If this look entices you, you can also add floral welcome signboards and show off your charming garden-themed wedding. But, hey, don’t let the decor get all the attention. Curate a special floral look for yourself and add designer floral hair accessories. Your look, the decor, and your lovely bouquet will steal the day.

rustic wedding bouquet

2. Sustainable Wedding

Climate change is alarming and many couples are taking their wedding as an opportunity to create awareness for the environment this year. But, obviously, keeping style in mind. Modern couples this year are deciding to go green and have a zero-waste biodegradable wedding. While this might seem a boring concept to a few, many couples are changing the idea by hosting sophisticated eco-friendly outdoor weddings. To do this at your wedding, you can start by decorating with local plants or attractive flowering plants like anthurium ruffles. Use biodegradable crockery made of bamboo or paper. An outdoor day wedding also helps you save energy as you don’t need lighting. For the latter part of the event, couples switch lighting with candles, etc illuminating the place yet keeping it minimalistic. An outdoor wedding in a garden, farm, or vineyard is a great outdoor choice for a sustainable wedding. If you too want to join the party, book an outdoor place with a big center tree, decorate the same with DIY crafts making it your photo backdrop. A sustainable wedding is definitely a trendsetter as it takes a lot of planning and effort to achieve a zero wastage wedding. So, if you are a challenge seeker, this style of wedding is for you.

3. The Dreamy Beach Wedding

It is almost every bride’s dream to have a grand wedding by the beach. If you are one of them too, jump right at it. The open skies, the blissful blues of the sea styled with the tropical favorites, the palms will make your wedding the event of the year. To have a glamorous beach wedding, pick a beautiful beach spot. Stick to less-is-more decor where nature does the talking. The lush green foliage, emerald waters of the sea, the serenity brings peace and good vibes to the wedding. Keeping up with the style, place wooden chairs to compliment the funfilled waves of the background and the soft sand of your wedding venue. Add centerpieces on each table along with personalized notes for every guest. Serve Hawaiian cuisine to compliment the pop-up of the color of an outdoor beach wedding. With these details in place, you are all set for a picturesque wedding.

beach wedding inspiration
beach wedding inspiration
beach wedding inspiration
beach wedding inspiration

4. The Intimate Backyard Wedding

The pandemic has made intimate weddings, the new normal. A cozy and simple wedding with fewer guests and a stress-free intimate wedding is yet another favorite of the season. Backyard weddings are held at the backyard of your own home with a guest list so small, a teen party might have more people showing up. But, personalized and intimate are the key factors of a backyard wedding. Since it is an intimate wedding, everyone comes together with creative armor to decorate the space to their heart’s content. The Bridezilla, bridesmaids, and even the flower girls can put together a piece of paper cutting in the backyard, making it fun, welcoming, and filled with blessings. The bonus to this is that Backyard weddings are affordable and can be totally budget-friendly if planned well. Your backyard wedding can also have classy themes of rustic, boho, luxe, vintage, pastels, rainbow, etc. Mix and match your ideas to create a magical place and a unique wedding experience for all the guests. Backyard weddings are a trendy sophisticated wedding setup. If not for a theme, you can simply add floral centerpieces, drop a grand chandelier, place a long banquet table set with bright colored glassware, mason jars filled with plants, or a candle, and bam! You have a simple yet edgy wedding venue set. If you wish to make it grander, get a floral arch or a floral backdrop of ruffles to complete the look.

Picture-Perfect Outdoor Wedding Decorations
Picture-Perfect Outdoor Wedding Decorations cooling station

6. Bridgerton Inspired Wedding

After the superhit Netflix series Bridgerton, many English theme-loving brides were inspired to take on the theme and make it their own. If you too are tempted by the series, the best way to create the ideal Bridgerton-themed wedding is with your venue! Keep in mind that the Bridgeton way is to be *perfect*. So, don’t shy away from booking an extravagant venue. Your venue can have an attached garden or a lake view. To glorify your exquisite venue decorate the wedding venue with flowers and drapes. Make sure you also have a classical playlist or live musicians playing on for you on your big day. Basically, think *extra*, like – Swans can be walking around the venue too. As for the cake, it better be sumptuous, preferably a chocolate strawberry duo to play along with age-old vine or whiskey.

Creating a Bridgeton-themed wedding is about combining the classic with luxury. So, focus on the luxurious details. Be it by serving expensive vine along with cheese on each table or by having butlers walking around assisting each of your guests. To add to the lavishing venue, real floral decor and greenery add the extra oomph. Add the romantic wisteria or Spathiphyllum instead of mixing colors and patterns to catch the attention of your guests. There are also so many ways to embrace this trend on your big day right from the table setting, decor arrangement and exquisite statement florals. You can choose to decorate the venue your way but keep in mind to keep white or silver a constant. You can pair this with blues or purples for a Bridgeton wedding

bridgerton wedding theme

7. Outdoor weddings are like romantic ballet

 With love in the air, the newlyweds anxious about their big day, kids chirping and the old couples thinking about their love stories, it is a perfect setting for the couple and the guests.  Outdoor weddings have a beautiful ambiance, especially during the golden hour of noon.  Extended to watch the sunsets can create a magical end to your big day.

Picture-Perfect Outdoor Wedding Decorations table setting
Picture-Perfect Outdoor Wedding Decorations