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The Ultimate Wedding Prep Guide for Brides

wedding guide to get ready

Guide for brides | Congratulations; you’re engaged!

What a wonderful and exciting time it is! You’re probably thinking about the glamorous wedding dress you want to wear on your special day. The trends have been evolving, so you better be updated with what’s currently in. But have you thought about how to prepare yourself for that day from head to toe?
If not, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our ultimate wedding prep guide to help you bring out that best lit-from-within glow for your wedding day. Read on.

12 Months Before The Big Day

Create your wedding beauty timeline. 

Do you need a weight loss plan? If yes, start looking for a trainer who can guide you with your workout routine and help you in your journey. You can also consult a nutritionist regarding a diet plan.

Visit a dermatologist to prepare your skin.

Who wouldn’t want glowing skin on her wedding day? A visit to a dermatologist and a great skincare regimen are all worth it when you see how your skin radiates on your special day. This is especially helpful if your skin is prone to acne.

Acne doesn’t always disappear with age. Oil (or sebum) and hormones, which cause acne breakouts, may decrease in your 20s, 30s or 40s, but the stress that comes from trying to stay on top of things, preparing for a wedding and starting a family is also a trigger factor of acne in adults. The good thing is you can manage acne, and a dermatologist can help you get the best regimen for your skin type.

Start healthy eating habits.

Crash diets don’t work. So, don’t starve yourself to gain a fabulous figure that fits in your dress. You might break down, binge eats, gain the weight you lost, and feel bad afterward. Instead, eat healthily and choose your diet wisely. Avoid processed food, sweetened beverages, sugary food, and too many refined or starchy carbohydrates.

Get a laser hair removal.

If you’re considering doing this for a hair-free armpit and legs on your wedding (and honeymoon), this is the best time to plan it. You’ll see the permanent results of laser hair removal after several sessions spaced several weeks apart. That’s why planning 9–12 months before the big day is necessary.

Nourish your skin.

Aside from consulting a dermatologist, another way of making your skin glow is to nourish it. This may start in the shower, the use of a gentle cleanser, and applying lotion minutes after taking a bath to lock in moisture. If you make this a habit, you’ll surely have beautiful skin on the day of your wedding.

Practice a healthy sleeping pattern.

Sleep is important. While sleeping, the body regenerates and creates new cells, your brain can repair, and your central nervous system calms down. As a result, you’ll feel less stress. Sleeping is also key to achieving a glowing skin.

Care for your nails and hands.

Do you want a beautiful ring-selfie hand at your wedding? Make sure to keep your nails hydrated by applying oil to them. If they become brittle, you’ll see chips and cracks, which are not good to look at. Applying oil on your cuticles will also make your nails flexible and strong.

Also, don’t forget about your hands. Gently scrub them weekly and then use lotion, as well as sunscreen to the back for protection.

ultimate prep guide for brides

9 Months Before

• See if you need retinol.
Retinol enhances cell turnover, improves collagen, reduces pigmentation, and unclogs pores. Check out with your dermatologist if you need it for your skin.

• Get regular facials.
Regular facials can help keep your skin looking revitalized and healthy. You’ll see how your face will improve and become fresh and clear with regular visits to an aesthetician, whether it’s wrinkles or acne.

• Consider hair treatments.
If you’re thinking about having keratin and other hair treatments, you should do it now to see if it will work for you. By this time, you should also have decided whether you’ll have a new hair color and which hue to use according to the wedding hairstyle you want. Whether darker or lighter, opt to have it within two shades of your natural hue.

6 Months Before

• Go to your dentist.
A perfect smile at your wedding starts with healthy teeth and gums, and a visit to your dentist is a must. By doing so, you can also address other flaws or issues with your teeth.

bridal looks

5 Months Before

• Exfoliate.
Dead cells accumulating on your skin can make your skin appear dull. Regular exfoliation helps remove these cells and enhance your radiance. Once a week exfoliation is recommended.

bride getting a facial

4 Months Before

• Start having regular pedicures and manicures.
By this time, you should have your wedding bands ready. If not, you should get one from Ben Moss as they have great quality rings, as well as an impressive range of diamond shapes and ring styles. You’ll surely find one that suits your preference.

At the same time, you should start to care for your hands, feet and nails. Every few weeks leading up to your wedding day, consider having regular pedicures and manicures so your nails will be in tip-top shape.

bride getting a manicure
bride getting a pedicure

3 Months Before

• Get a hair and makeup trial.
Are you ready with your makeup plan? You should be. Look for something that worked on you before or search for any inspiration you can try and present it to your stylists. Having a hair and makeup trial helps you know which look will fit you.

wedding makeup trial

2 Months Before

• Trim your hair.
Definitely, you want a timeless look, one that elevates your pre-wedding version. And this is the best time to get that cut and personalize your hairstyle. However, be sure to go with a style that feels natural and comfortable to you. Don’t just go with what’s trending because you might regret it in the end.

bride in a white robe getting ready

1 Month Before

• Consult your dentist about teeth whitening procedures.
You should also visit your dentist to get advice about teeth whitening treatments that will work for you.

• Have a final dress fitting.

1–2 Weeks Before

• Schedule a dentist appointment for cleaning.
Yes, your teeth are now pearly white, but your teeth still need cleaning to remove stains from food and drinks. A cleaning procedure weeks before your wedding day prepares you for a flawless smile.

• Get your hair touched up.
This ensures that your hair looks its best. You can also see if you like the final hair color or whether you need to change something.

• Avoid salty food, which can cause puffiness.
• Get your nails done.
• Prepare your beauty kit and accessories for the big day.

bridal hair

The Day Before

• Get a good night’s sleep, but not in your makeup. It would be a disaster if you end up having breakouts the next day, your big day.
 Are you now ready to prepare yourself and look radiant on such a momentous moment — your wedding day?

Remember, preparation is key if you want your glow to stand out. But don’t forget to enjoy the process. Not all things will go as planned and as perfect as you have imagined them to be, but don’t be anxious. You’re beautiful, and it’s your wedding day. You’ll surely be glowing.

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