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Minimalist Wardrobe Essentials Every Man Needs

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A minimalist wardrobe offers maximum style and versatility while only containing a minimum of several garments, shoes, and accessories. Beyond that, a minimalist wardrobe also means you’ll always know what to wear, get the most out of every clothing piece, never find yourself wasting money on clothing items that you’ll probably never wear, and therefore, you’ll have the option of prioritizing clothing quality over quantity. While there’s no reason you can’t invest in a few fun statement clothing pieces, keeping things minimal is a great way to simplify your wardrobe, save space, and save money. So if you’re thinking about giving your wardrobe a minimalist makeover, here’s a list of everything you’ll need.

casual footwear for men

Versatile Footwear
Every man must have at least one pair of casual shoes, dress shoes, and boots. You won’t need more than one pair of each kind of shoe for a minimalist wardrobe, although you can opt for a few extra pairs for more versatility. Regarding casual shoes, you have the option of nice elevator shoes, casual loafers, slip-on shoes, and sneakers. Each shoe is also available in various designs, so choose a style that suits your preferences. When choosing dress shoes, formal loafers or oxford lace-ups are great options. Moreover, choose a pair of practical, timeless boots, such as combat or hiking boots.

men's trousers

Five Pairs Of Practical Trousers
Next, you’ll need at least five pairs of easy-to-match trousers. Two pairs of darker trousers like denim jeans and dark chinos are perfect, while you will also need a lighter pair of trousers, chino shorts, and comfortable track pants. Choosing denim jeans that suit your body shape and size is essential. It’s best to use a size guide to select the correct pants size, while a style guide will help you find the perfect fit for your body shape.

A rectangular body shape should choose the straight-fit, low-rise jeans. Moreover, an inverted triangle body shape should wear jeans with bigger pockets, and a trapezoid shape looks best in a slim fit. Oval body shapes should pick high-rise jeans, and apple-body shapes should choose mid-rise, boot-cut fits.

casual shirts
casual shirts

Seven Collared And Casual Shirts
Dress shirts are essential formal wear items every man should have. But instead of choosing funky patterns and fun colors, consider your skin tone and hair color. Wearing the wrong colors
and tones for your skin tone and hair color can leave you looking drained, washed out, or even bland. For example, light skin and hair pair best with baby blue, blue-gray, pink, and gray, while tan skin and dark hair pair well with sky blue, navy, olive green, and dark gray.

Dark skin and dark hair go best with turquoise, blue, purple, and light gray, and fair skin and dark hair men should choose teal, navy, maroon, or black plain dress shirts.


Five Casual T-Shirts
You will also need at least five casual t-shirts. You’ll need something to wear at home or to social gatherings, and t-shirts are also great sleepwear garments. When choosing the most versatile t-shirts, opt for plain colors that complement your skin tone and hair color as you would with dress shirts. However, you can add a couple of printed or patterned t-shirts for more versatility in casual outfits. Remember to choose t-shirts in the correct size; if the t-shirt is too large, you’ll seem smaller then you are, while a fit that’s too tight is also not appealing.

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Two Formal Jackets
Adding two or three essential formal jackets to your wardrobe is also wise. Whether you work in a corporate office space, attend a wedding or any other kind of formal event, these jackets will
be essential at some point. However, if you wear a suit daily to work, you might need a few more jackets. Choose high-quality jackets to ensure they last a few years. You can consider custom suits and tuxedo jackets as well. A suit jacket is the most formal option, although you can consider a sports jacket in tweed, flannel, cashmere, or linen. Otherwise, consider a well-tailored blazer in a neutral tone.

A Coat, a Hoodie, And A Timeless Casual Jacket

When winter rolls around, you won’t regret investing in a warm coat, plain or printed hoodies, and a timeless casual jacket. Any warm coat is fine, but it’s wise to choose a formal design as you can add this item to the formal wear end of your wardrobe. Moreover, simplicity is always best when choosing a garment for a minimalist wardrobe. So avoid overly detailed or patterned items that won’t stay in fashion long. At the same time, casual winter jackets such as leather biker or aviator jackets, puffers, or denim jackets are a few timeless casual jacket options. Lastly, you’ll need a hoodie or two for warm winter comfort.

A Couple Of Signature Accessories

Don’t forget to add a few signature accessories to your wardrobe. Even a single signature accessory can tie an outfit together. You can add accessories like ties, watches, pocket squares, sunglasses, belts, and bags. Choose accessory items that add practicality to your outfit rather than more style. Once you have created a wardrobe with the items listed above, you can add a few statement garments to your wardrobe to mix things up from time to time. However, be mindful to avoid purchasing clothing items you won’t wear. The best way to do this is to buy clothing items that you can create at least three different outfits from your existing wardrobe.

The minimalist wardrobe is by far the most practical and versatile. These wardrobes contain timeless and classic garments styles while being as straightforward as possible when it comes to color and pattern choices. And the best part about choosing a minimalist wardrobe is that you’ll be able to select higher quality items that last longer because you won’t need to spend a small fortune keeping up with fast fashion trends.