Wedding and Anniversary Gift Ideas for 2020

great anniversary gift ideas for the bride and groom

When a couple is getting married, you want to find a gift that you know they will appreciate. A wedding registry takes out some of the guesswork, but if you are not keen to put cash towards a new bed or the only item left on the list is a mushroom brush, you might want to consider something more creative, unique, and personal.
Here we list some gifts that celebrate the bond of a newlywed couple or a couple celebrating an anniversary. This list includes gifts that the bride and groom can give each other, being something you know they would love but would not consider buying for themselves.

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1. Luxurious anniversary gifts

There are some gifts that you want to last forever. While flowers are a perennial favorite as anniversary gifts, they barely last a week. Now there are natural roses preserved to last a lifetime that make very elegant wedding gifts. Each is unique and preserved in the wedding palette color or the colors of your anniversary gem, like blue (sapphire) for your fifth anniversary or red (ruby) for your 15th and many more. Over time, you can create the most colorful bouquet.

As a wedding gift for newlyweds unable to afford a honeymoon or a couple celebrating a milestone anniversary, join with family and friends to send the couple on a luxury vacation. 

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2. For the adventurous couple

When looking for wedding anniversary gift ideas, help is at hand with the traditional modern lists of anniversary gifts from the first year through to those celebrating 80 years of marital harmony. You can link the gift you buy with the anniversary list for most years.

A wedding or anniversary gift for an adventurous couple could be new luggage made of leather (third anniversary) or aluminium (10th anniversary). Wherever your couple is going for their honeymoon or future adventures a new camera can save treasured memories. Today’s smartphones are extremely good, but a good travel camera can give a much better image quality, which is particularly important for those pictures they want to print as souvenirs. Travel cameras can also have better manual control and are usually far more comfortable to handle.

If you are buying for a couple that loves to keep fit or who play sports together, find a gift that celebrates this. If your couple plays tennis together, then gift them annual membership at their local tennis association club. If they enjoy sports separately, consider individual gifts that are similar. Washable over-ear headphones are fabulous for those pumping iron down the gym. Match with a pair of wireless earbuds for the partner who enjoys going for a run, adding a running armband that will fit their phone plus keys, credit cards, and a little cash. Technology is changing all the time, so consider a Fitbit smartwatch where the couple can compare results about their health and well being. This smartwatch will track steps, monitor sleep, and so much more.

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the eternity rose sports gift ideas
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  1. Fitness freaks | Couples who love food

If you are looking for a gift for a couple that loves experimenting with food, particularly cooking new dishes together, a fun gift would be personalized aprons for the King and Queen of the kitchen. These would be fun to wear for informal entertaining. Consider gifting a charcoal grill so the couple can host friendly garden gatherings to show off their cooking skills.

A fine hamper from a respected retailer, including cheeses and fine wine, could be a precious gift, with a personalized wooden cheeseboard set with a knife that they can keep forever. Other ideas are to create a hamper of favorite foods from their childhood. As an anniversary gift, choose a basket of foods that will be reminiscent of their honeymoon location or gift them a weekend cookery school experience.

  1. Romantic gifts

Romantic gifts usually personalized make them that much more special. You can create a customized vinyl for the couple, particularly those who love their record player. There are companies where you can go online to make a unique custom record to include personalized cover art and labels on vinyl in a choice of shape, size, and color and up to 10 minutes of music on each side of the LP.

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Other romantic gifts are those that tap into the couple’s interests and go beyond the day itself. There is a wide variety of subscription boxes available on the internet, so you are sure to find something to suit either individual or one that suits them as a couple. From books to beer and beyond, search out a gift that will turn up on their doorstep each month for as long as you wish.

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