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Top 5 Wedding Cake Ideas for 2022

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Wedding cake ideas for 2022 sure to inspire

Your wedding day is one of the biggest occasions of your life. There is so much planning and so much preparation that it can be easy to fall into the trap of tradition.

If you want everything to feel traditional, then great, let a wedding organizer do the work for you. But if you want your wedding to feel special, as two unique loves come together to declare their affection, then it’s time to start looking outside of the box.

Pull out some paper, and start making notes because we have 5 fantastic wedding cake ideas to inspire you into creating a ceremony like no other.

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1. Wafer Paper Decorations

The standard “go-to” decoration for a cake is sugar flowers. These are undoubtedly beautiful but are tricky to transport. If you want something just as beautiful, but less fiddly to apply, then try wafer paper instead. Wafer paper can make flowers that are just as beautiful as their counterparts, but instead of overpowering your cake, you’ll receive a delicate sweetness. The papers are surprisingly strong and are extremely easy to place on your cake. If you don’t care for flowers, you can create whatever texture you prefer – ruffles, artwork, or even pictures of the couple!

wafer wedding cake

2. Modern Tiers

If you are hoping to steer away from classic ideas entirely, then we suggest creating acrylic tiers. They give a modern vibe to your wedding, while still feeling classy and sophisticated.  The idea is to create a heavy-colored bottom, like a rich purple. Then, as the tiers go higher, the colors lighten up. The purple could fade to a peachy orange and then eventually result in white. Another idea is to create a marble effect, as those three colors of purple, peach, and white are dancing around each other.  If you want to add flowers to the design, you could find ones of the same color and make them travel up the cake. This extends this dancing atmosphere into a new texture.

purple wedding cake
Marble Wedding Cakes

3. Sculptural Decorations

To many people, the best part of the cake is the decoration. The taste is just a bonus, but it’s the visual that makes the heart flutter. If you don’t have a sweet tooth, then maybe you should aim for this idea too. Your cake could look like anything – pottery, stone, an illusion, anything! If you have an idea in your head that seems out of this world, then bring it to a cake specialist and ask them if it’s possible. If you can imagine it, it can probably be done. We have seen thousands of cakes in wedding magazines that could be displayed in a museum, so follow after those articles and create something just as awe-inspiring.


4. Buttercream Feathers

When people talk about buttercream and fondant, they’re normally considering which topper to wrap around their cake. But we want to go one step further. To create buttercream feathers, you can either coat your cake in buttercream or fondant, let the coating settle, and then get ready for some real art. Dollop your buttercream on the cake using a cake spatula and then whip it unevenly on the surface. Then use a small scraping tool to add in some texture. In fact, you don’t even need to create more texture if you don’t want to. Simple whip on more buttercream in the pattern of a feather to make the same effect!

Feather Wedding Cake

5. Painting Your Cake

A cake could be used as an artistic canvas. Simply wrap the tiers in fondant icing, and hand a painter some editable paint. Many people like to use pastel colors for weddings, so consider creating splash art using muted or pastel palettes. Then create a design that is either beautiful, meaningful, or magical to you and your partner. The beauty of painting your cake means you can design it to look like anything you want.  Realistically, this plan won’t cost you a lot either, as cake painting sprays are readily available in craft shops.

marble wedding cake


Remember that “unique” and “special” don’t have to mean “expensive.” If you’re inspired by our ideas above but are worried about the cost, then use a wedding budget calculator to help you identify what you can afford. 


You can use one, a couple, or all of our ideas in your wedding cake. Remember that you and your partner are the only people you have to please. So once you know your budget and have an idea of what you’re dreaming of, then create the cake that feels special to you!

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